June, 2017 - "Summer BBQ" Dapper Dog Box

The theme for the June Dapper Dog Box is “Summer BBQ”. We love this theme, as both Bruce Wayne and I are big fans of food! I especially love barbeque. Bruce Wayne, on the other paw, is the healthier version of me. :-)

The toy in the June Dapper Dog Box is:

  • ZippyPaws Fries - (retail value $8.00) We are always happy to see a ZippyPaws toys in our box. They are such a familiar brand name to us in the Instagram world and make fun toys for dogs. The french fry holder houses 2 squeakers, which were pretty easy for me to squeak. I would say the toy itself is best suited for a medium sized dog for play, but we will certainly be keeping it around, as it will make for a fun photo prop.

The treats in the June Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Stewart Pro Treat - (retail value $8.00 for 2.0 oz.) The flavor we received is pork liver and this is a single ingredient treat!! You know that makes me so happy! I love that they come in a sealable tub, as it makes it easy to travel with knowing that the treats won’t get crushed. This tub is filled to the brim with treats. On the container, it says that there are up to 50 pieces of treats per tub, which is such a great value, especially if you have a small dog like Bruce Wayne. These treats are freeze-dried, therefore, like many freeze-dried treats, each treat may vary in size. They can be hard to break into smaller pieces at times, so be forewarned. You might want to do some pushups before trying to break these apart. ;-)

Ingredient: Pork Liver

  • Prairie Nature Beef Chewies - (retail value $10.00 for 4 oz.) The flavor we received is bison. First, let me say, OMG, you can smell the lovely smoke flavoring as soon as you open the box. It’s like standing in front of a BBQ pit! :-) While it is a small bag, the bag is packed with treats and since they are natural and fresh, if they made the bag any bigger, you’d probably have a lot of leftover waste. I love that these treats are made by a small company in Texas and that all treats are made on site. I really had high hopes for these and really thought that Bruce Wayne would love these, as he loves jerky treats and was certainly intrigued by the smell. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne wasn’t a big fan. I’m not sure if the smokiness of the treats just overpowered the beef itself, as when I opened the bag, the smell quickly filled the house. It could be that we just got an extra strong batch, or because as usual, Bruce Wayne is very, very picky!

Ingredients: Beef, Vinegar, Natural Smoke Flavoring

The extra/accessories in the June Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Roxy’s Remedies Calming Cleansing Wipes - (retail value $10.00 for 30 wipes) The scent we received is East Indian Sandalwood Oil, which sounds odd, but actually smells very good. I was happy to see these in our box, as I use wipes everyday on Bruce Wayne after he goes potty, but also when he comes inside from our walks. If you do not already do so, please wipe your dog's paws when you come in from walks. I don’t have to explain all the yucky stuff they are probably stepping on, I’m sure you can imagine it for yourself.
  • GStop Y Bowtie - (retail value $9.00 per bowtie) The color we received is yellow with accent white, which is perfect for us considering yellow is a staple Batman color! :-) The Dapper Dog also sent us the perfect size for Bruce Wayne, as it is only about 3 inches. What is so amazing about this actual bowtie is that the company donates 50% of the sales to helping save the Yulin dogs from the horrific yearly Yulin Dog Festival held in China each year. Even though in recent news, China has finally banned the yearly festival, there are still those that want it to continue so we must keep fighting until it is permanently extinct and every dog is saved.

Estimated Value of the June Dapper Dog Box - $45.00

Overall Opinion: This was a fantastic foodie box from The Dapper Dog Box! The treats are a homerun and so healthy for any dog. There isn’t a single product that we received that I wouldn’t use. Even though Bruce Wayne wasn’t a big fan of the jerky treats, his crazy Uncle Patches (a JRT) ate them right up. I truly believe that The Dapper Dog Box is the highest box on the market right now in terms of sending not only fun products, but health consciousness products, as well. You will never get a low-grade treat from The Dapper Dog Box, which is why they are consistently my favorite box.

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the June Dapper Dog Box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws!

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*The Fine Print* - Bruce Wayne is not an “affiliate” for The Dapper Dog Box, however, they did send us a complimentary box in return for our honest review. These are solely my opinions of the June Dapper Dog Box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.