May, 2017 - "Spring in Bloom" The Dapper Dog Box

The theme for the May Dapper Dog Box is “Spring in Bloom”. This is such a great theme for the time of year and you know what they say “April showers bring May flowers!” :-)

The toys in the May Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Love Thy Beast Woodland Tail - (retail value $14.00) I honestly wasn’t exactly sure what this toy was when I first saw it, however, I did notice right away that it is a Love Thy Beast toy and I knew it was a high quality toy. This is the first Love Thy Beast toy we’ve had and I’ve actually touched. It is a cloth texture and feels extremely durable for a small to medium dog. There’s no way Bruce Wayne would ever be able to tear a hole into it, lol. That being said, it is a bit big for Bruce Wayne. It measures about 10 inches long and the width is about 3 inches. I know Bruce Wayne’s crazy Uncle Patches will absolutely love this toy. It has a squeaker in the middle for the thickest part of the toy, which is right up Uncle Patches alley.
  • Wag More Bark Less Crazy Bounce Toy - (retail value $8.00) This is a new brand to us, as I can’t recall hearing about them before, but that is the beauty of subscription boxes. You find new fun brands each month. This is the perfect sized toy for Bruce Wayne. It measures about 6.5 inches tall, but is one of the “daniest” tug toys I’ve seen. The rope itself feels plenty durable for Bruce Wayne’s Chi-Chi teeth and the rubber ball at the end is just as sturdy. While it doesn’t bounce much, it makes for a great grip to play tug-o-war with if your dog is into that.

The treats in the May Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Ram’s Dog Food Love Bites - (retail value $14.99 for 4 oz.) We received the chicken breast jerky treats. This is another new brand that we are being introduced to by The Dapper Dog Box. You know how much I love one ingredient treats for Bruce Wayne. These are made from USDA chicken and manufactured in Astoria, NY. It is always important to me that chicken treats are made from US chickens and manufactured in the US. Even though it is only 4 oz., you get a full bag and it’s definitely plenty of jerky to last Bruce Wayne a long time. These jerky treats come in long strips. So while I can’t give Bruce Wayne one at a time, I can easily break pieces off for him to enjoy. A little detail that I love is that the “best buy” date is handwritten on the bag. To me, it adds that extra homemade/small business touch!

Ingredient: USDA Chicken Breast

  • Barkworthies Bully Stick - (retail value $7.00 for 6 inches) This bully stick is all natural and odor free. Yes, I did the smell test in the name of an honest review ;-) and I can honestly say, there was no smell. I do like that this is a single ingredient chew: beef pizzle (you can look that up on your own, lol). I say this because I’ve seen some companies sell “bully sticks”, but when you look at the label, it’s actually just rawhide rolled up to look like a bully stick. Buyers beware! The great thing about The Dapper Dog Box is that they only send your dog the primo stuff! ;-)

Ingredient: Beef Pizzle

  • Grandma Lucy’s White Fish - (retail value $12.99 for 2.5 oz.) Ahhhhh! The creme de la creme! This is the golden ticket for Bruce Wayne! He absolutely loves stinky fish treats and I love that they are single ingredient treats. Again, while these treats are too big to give to Bruce Wayne whole, they are freeze-dried, which makes it easy to break them into smaller pieces. Be forewarned that you will have to wash your hands afterwards, unless smelling like white fish is what you’re into. We are very familiar with the Grandma Lucy’s brand and they always produce quality treats that Bruce Wayne gobbles right up. It’s so nice to see such a high quality brand in our subscription box!

Ingredient: Pollock

Estimated Value of the May Dapper Dog Box: $56.98 (WOAH!)

Overall Opinion: OMG! We are both so in love with this month’s Dapper Dog Box! It was definitely a homerun for the both of us. It’s not often that Bruce Wayne gets to eat all the treats in the box when he receives a subscription box. While I’m on the fence about giving him the Barkworthies chew, it isn’t due to ingredients, it is only because he’s had throat issues and I’m a worry wart! Even though the Love Thy Beast toy is a bit big for Bruce Wayne, at the end of the day, we still got a Love Thy Beast toy in a subscription box! Also, crazy Uncle Patches needed a new toy anyway, as we just threw out his other slobbery mess of a toy, so the timing works out perfectly. I would say that the standout item for us is the Grandma Lucy’s White Fish treats since we are familiar with them and I know that Bruce Wayne loves them, however, I am just as excited to see and try these Love Bites chicken jerky treats. Overall, The Dapper Dog Box nailed it again. Kudos to their team for putting together such a great box for the pups!

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the May Dapper Dog Box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws. (He’d give 5 if he could!)

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*The Fine Print* - Bruce Wayne is not an “affiliate” for The Dapper Dog Box, however, they did send us a complimentary box in return for our honest review. These are solely my opinions of the May Dapper Dog Box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.