April, 2017 - "Pupchella 2017" The Dapper Dog Box

The theme for the April Dapper Dog Box is Pupchella 2017, a “dog friendly Coachella”. I love the theme, because let’s be honest, this is the only Coachella I’d go too! (As always, we provide a discount code below for you to try The Dapper Dog Box as well.)

The toy in the April Dapper Dog Box is:

  • ZippyPaws “Foodie” Toy - (retail value $7.99) Woo hoo! Who doesn’t love getting a ZippyPaws toy in their box? It’s hilariously awesome that we got a taco toy since Bruce Wayne is a Chihuahua, this will make for the perfect food prop! The taco itself houses two squeakers. Since it is a thick toy, Bruce Wayne will probably not be able to squeak it, but I’m sure he will have fun trying. For reference, he’s not big into squeakers anyway. (Side note: I do not believe I was supposed to get the taco toy in Bruce Wayne's box. I believe I was supposed to get a different food item that Bruce Wayne already has. Kerri, the owner of The Dapper Dog Box, took note of that and sent a food toy that we didn't already have. That's the level of personalized customer service you receive from The Dapper Dog Box that you won't find elsewhere!)

The treats in the April Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Barkworthies Salmon Skin Chew - (retail value $3.50 for 8 inches) I was thrilled to see this, as Bruce Wayne loves salmon skin and I love single ingredient treats. He loves fishy, smelly treats, lol. Even though this chew is too big for Bruce Wayne to eat in one sitting, I shouldn’t have any problems cutting it into smaller pieces for him to enjoy.

Ingredient: Salmon Skin

  • Big Daddy Biscuits - (retail value $7.25 for 7.5 oz.) The flavor we received is peanut butter. I was happy to see that the it is a full-size bag of treats that is completely filled to the top. No wasted air in this bag! :-) These are a crunchy round treat that left whole is best for a larger dog, however, you can easily break the treats into smaller pieces for smaller dogs. I know a lot of dogs love peanut butter and a lot of dog parents love to feed their dogs peanut butter, however, I recently started keeping all peanut butter treats away from Bruce Wayne for health concerns. Otherwise, the ingredients in these treats sound great and I especially love that they are organic.

Ingredients: Organic Garbanzo Flour, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Bananas, Natural Applesauce and Cinnamon.

  • Sojos Dog Treats - (retail value $10.45 for 4 oz.) The flavor we received is lamb. I was so ecstatic to see these treats in our Dapper Dog Box. I absolutely love single ingredient treats for Bruce Wayne. I also like that these are freeze-dried, as they make for easy feeding. Freeze-dried pieces are usually smaller and when they aren’t, they are super easy to break into smaller pieces. It’s been awhile since Bruce Wayne has had lamb, so I’m excited to add these treats into our rotation. Even though he’s small, he’s a true carnivore, so I know he will absolutely love them!

Ingredient: Lamb

The extra/accessory in the April Dapper Dog Box is:

  • Coco + Pistachio Bandana - (retail value $32.00) Wow! What a luxury item to receive in our Dapper Dog Box! I love the baby blue color we received. I think it looks great on Bruce Wayne, but I’m also biased! ;-) This is a tie on bandana and while it is a bit big for Bruce Wayne, as you can see below, if you roll it an extra time, it will fit perfectly! The bandana even comes in a dust bag, lol. I don’t even get dust bags anymore for accessories I buy myself.

Estimated Value of the April Dapper Dog Box - $61.19 (WOAH!)

Overall Opinion: Yet again, another fabulous box from The Dapper Dog Box! All the items we received fit wonderfully within the Pupchella theme. I truly love that we always receive thoughtful, healthy products for Bruce Wayne. I don’t know of another subscription box that is as consistent with their healthy treats as The Dapper Dog Box is. The only item I wasn’t a fan of is the Big Daddy Treats, however, that’s simply because I choose not to feed Bruce Wayne peanut butter anymore. It’s the paranoia and anxiety part of me kicking in. I know that I’m in the minority with that and that those treats will be devoured by many pups! :-) While I’d say the highlight item is the Sojos lamb treats, I’m sure Bruce Wayne would argue that the highlight item is the salmon skin stick. We highly recommend subscribing to The Dapper Dog Box, both your pup and you will be delightfully surprised each month!

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the April Dapper Dog Box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws!

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*The Fine Print* - Bruce Wayne is not an “affiliate” for The Dapper Dog Box, however, they did send us a complimentary box in return for our honest review. These are solely my opinions of the April Dapper Dog Box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.