January, 2017 - "Into the Wild" Dapper Dog Box

The January theme for the January Dapper Dog Box is “Into the Wild”. The theme is to inspire dogs to get outside “into the wild” and enjoy the cooler temperatures and snow. While I know a lot of our friends actually enjoy the cold weather and snow, Bruce Wayne hates it! He shivers in anything under 72, however, no worries, this box can be enjoyed indoors as well. :-)

The toys in the January Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Simply Fido Beginnings Owl Toy - (retail value $7.99) I love this toy! At only 4 inches tall, this makes for the perfect size toy for Bruce Wayne. It is also super lightweight, yet durable enough for his sharp little Chi-Chi teeth. This is our first Simply Fido Beginnings toy, but I will certainly be looking into this brand. This toy is certified organic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and filled with recycled fiber. You may be wondering why it matters if a toy is organic? Long story short, your dog puts these toys in their mouth. If a toy is made with harsh chemicals, essentially, it can go back into your dog’s body. Also, in the long run, it is better for the environment. I’m always looking for organic things when it comes to Bruce Wayne and I’m happy to extend that to his toys.
  • Spunky’s Pup Spunky Disc - (retail value $6.00) Bruce Wayne finally has a frisbee small enough for him. Sadly, Bruce Wayne does not fetch, however, I’ll hold onto this to take to the dog park when we met friends. Maybe, Bruce Wayne will pick up on fetch if he sees other dogs doing it, lol. Just holding it, you can feel that it is extremely durable. This would even hold up to big dogs for a good amount of time. I love that it is dishwasher safe so that after a day at the park, you can easily toss it in the dishwasher to clean off all the dried dog slobber.

The treats in the January Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Sally Snacks Venison Jerky - (retail value $15.00 for 3 oz.) I know that this might sound pricey, however, as I always say, you have to pay to keep ingredients OUT! :-) Personally, I don’t mind paying more if I know that it is a simple treat with healthy ingredients. These treats only have 2 ingredients: Venison and Turmeric. I don’t think Bruce Wayne has ever tried venison, so this is a first for him. I like that the venison is USDA grass fed venison. As far as the turmeric, Bruce Wayne is used to this ingredient. I add a little turmeric to his meals each day. I could go on about the benefits of turmeric all day, but to keep this post relatively short, it is a great anti-inflammatory for dogs (and people).

elow is Bruce Wayne's "first impression" video trying the Sally Snacks treats. As you can see, he absolutely loves them! :-) Within the video, you will see the new trick he's been working on: "up". I absolutely adore his little Chi-Chi arms trying to get higher.

  • Barebites Beef Liver Treats - (retail value $7.99 for 3 oz.) I was so psyched to see another healthy treat in our January box! These treats only contain one ingredient: beef liver; nothing else! Even though this treats are too big as one for Bruce Wayne, they are a crunchy texture and easily breakable for smaller pups. I feed Bruce Wayne raw and in order for him to have a balanced diet, his meals include beef liver. However, sometimes beef liver is hard to find in our stores, so this is a great replacement (in moderation, of course) for times when I cannot find any beef liver. Lastly, they are made in Frederick, Maryland! Our home state. I love discovering small vendors that are actually local to us as well. We love supporting fellow Marylanders.
  • Barkworthies Bully Sticks - ($7.00 for 6 inches) I know without a doubt that this is what Bruce Wayne was after when I opened this box. He wanted this chew so bad! These bully sticks have no added chemicals or additives and are made from free-range, grass fed, FDA approved Brazilian cattle. As much as Bruce Wayne would absolutely love to chew on this, I’ll have to keep it from him for now as he is still recovering from his tonsillectomy and cannot have chews just yet.

Estimated Value of the January Dapper Dog Box: $43.98

Overall Opinion: Dapper Dog Box always hits a homerun and this month is no exception! The toys are the perfect size for Bruce Wayne and the treats are all in line with what I would normally give to Bruce Wayne. I am delighted to see the Sally Snacks Venison Jerky, as I love the benefits of turmeric and hope that more dogs can reap the benefit of this natural supplement. If you are looking for a healthy, yet fun subscription box, The Dapper Dog Box would be my first recommendation paws down! ;-)

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the January Dapper Dog Box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws! (Everything was something Bruce Wayne could enjoy. The only reason the bully stick can’t be enjoyed is because of his recent tonsillectomy.)

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*The Fine Print* - Bruce Wayne is not an “affiliate” for The Dapper Dog Box, however, they did send us a complimentary box in return for our honest review. These are solely my opinions of the January Dapper Dog Box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.