The Dapper Dog Box - September, 2016

There’s a new kid on the block and its name is “The Dapper Dog Box”. I know what you’re thinking….. “oh joy, another dog subscription box”. Hold those judgments till the end, because The Dapper Dog Box is certainly bringing their A game.

The theme for the September Dapper Dog Box is “Junk Foodie Box”. The theme itself is great, as The Dapper Dog Box team sells it as beach season is over, so it’s time to indulge! :-) We couldn’t agree more.

The toys in the September Dapper Dog Box are:

  • LuluBelle’s Power Plush Cupcake - (retail value $10.00) This delicious looking cupcake measures about 4 inches tall. It is described and sold as a durable powerful chewer toy. It has a squeaker inside, but might be a little hard for your dog to squeak. Bruce Wayne has yet to squeak it himself, but it is there. The interesting part of this cupcake is that it’s not your average “stuffie” toy. While the toy feels like there is stuffing inside, it is actually stuffed with a soft, yet durable, mesh netting. The toy makers, Huxley & Kent, even attach a portion of this mesh netting on the outside of the toy so that you can visibly see and feel it. The main benefit is that if your dog is tough enough to rip this apart, you won’t have little balls of stuffing all over the house.
  • Soda Pup Can Toy - (retail value $8.99) This is the absolute perfect size for Bruce Wayne, as it measures about 2.5 inches tall. You can put kibble, treats or peanut butter inside and then give it to your dog to enjoy. It functions much like a Kong treat toy holder that many of you are probably familiar with. On looks alone, it’s adorable. But when you do more research into this toy and the company, it’ll make you love it even more.  These toys are made in the USA. What impressed me most with this toy is that they are made of natural rubber. What is natural rubber? Natural rubber is made from trees that are grown in tropical climates. However, don’t think that these natural rubber toys are any less durable. Feeling our Soda Pup Can Toy, I thought it was regular rubber. It is definitely durable and especially for a dog like Bruce Wayne, I don’t think he’ll ever chew through it.

Below is a “first impression” video of Bruce Wayne with his Soda Pup Can Toy. I put natural peanut butter in the toy. (Please be aware of the ingredients in your peanut butter. Many companies include ingredients that are toxic for dogs.) As you can see, he certainly enjoys getting the yummy treat out of the toy. For whatever reason, lol, Bruce Wayne would not hold it with his paws like a typical dog to make it easier to get the peanut butter out. He’s definitely my special little guy! :-)

The Treats in the September Dapper Dog Box are:

  • Clear Conscience Pet Treats - (retail value $10.00 for 2.8 oz.) We received the “Lamb Airy Bites”. I haven’t had much experience with this company, but I know we have a bunch of Instagram friends that absolutely love their treats. According to the informational insert in the Dapper Dog Box, customers either got the lamb or beef flavor. I kind of wish we had gotten the beef since that is Bruce Wayne’s favorite protein. For whatever reason, he doesn’t seem to like lamb, lol. Honestly, I have no clue why, but he’s actually left lamb treats sitting on the floor because he doesn’t like it. With that being said though, he seems to like these lamb treats. It might be that these treats have spinach and carrots, which he loves. I love that they are grain, gluten, gmo and glycerin free. There are 5 ingredients: lamb lung, organic flax, dried spinach, dried pumpkin and dried carrot. The only drawback I’ve found is that they are very tough. It’s good for Bruce Wayne’s teeth, but not so good for me, as I have to break them down into smaller pieces for Bruce Wayne. I guess it’s a sign I need to put in some time at the gym. :-(
  • Emerson’s Kitchen PB & Coconut Treats - (retail value $8.00) I am not familiar with this company, but from the looks of the bag, I assumed they are a small company, which we love supporting small businesses. After reading more about them, we learned they are much like us, loving dog parents that want the best for our pups. These treats are made with 4 ingredients: organic coconut flour, organic peanut butter, organic bananas and honey. I’m always looking for healthy, small business companies to support and these nailed it. I love that they even handwrite the “baked on” date on the back of the bag. Time flies and it’s good to know exactly when these treats were made. They are definitely hard crunchy treats, which I like. It adds a texture variety to Bruce Wayne’s diet.  While they are small treats, they are still a bit too big for Bruce Wayne, so I have to break them in half, but they are not too hard to break.
  • Coco Therapy Gourmet Treats - (retail value $12.00 for 4 oz.) These were the treats I was most excited about. They are dubbed as “Coconut Apple Pie Macaroons”.  Bruce Wayne was very excited, he was jumping up on my legs before I could even get the bag open. I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate coconut into his diet and these seem like a great way. They are made of organic coconut, organic coconut nectar, organic coconut oil, organic dehydrated apples and organic apple juice. I absolutely love that they are USDA certified organic and Bruce Wayne absolutely loved these! Like loved them! The only drawback is that they are very soft and crumble easily. You have to have a delicate hand when handling these or they will crumble all over you. I was trying to break it in half for BW, but that was a no go, so he hit the jackpot and got to eat the entire treat.

Estimated Value of the September Dapper Dog Box: $40.99

Overall Opinion: I absolutely loved this box! I was so taken aback by all the healthy treats we got. I don’t think there’s been a box where I actually let Bruce Wayne eat all the treats. Also, the toys were the perfect size for him. I love all the size options that Dapper Dog Box offers. There is literally a box for every size dog. The box we reviewed is the “tiny” dog box for pups under 10 lbs. I have to admit that when the Dapper Dog Box team reached out to me asking if I’d like to try a box, I was psyched. Then, they asked if I had any treat preference or restrictions for Bruce Wayne. I laughed to myself. Anyone that follows us knows that I’m a overbearing, crazy lady when it comes to ingredients in dog treats. I gave them my typical response about how I keep Bruce Wayne grain, corn, soy, etc. free and like minimal ingredients.  The Dapper Dog Box team responded with “Great. We will send you our September Junk Foodie Box.” I immediately thought this wasn’t a good idea. I thought knowing how I am about ingredients, I wasn’t going to like this box. Boy was I wrong! After pulling out every treat and toy, I was so happy and thought “Yes! Someone gets me!” lol. Thanks again to the Dapper Dog Box for sending us this box to try.

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives this box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws! (He’d give it more if he could)

Deals/Coupon Codes - If you'd like to try a Dapper Dog Box subscription, you can use code BRUCEWAYNE for 20% off and free shipping. (The Dapper Dog Box can be ordered by clicking here or simply click on any of the pictures above.)

*The Fine Print* - Bruce Wayne is not an affiliate for The Dapper Dog Box, however, they did send us a complimentary box in return for our review. These are solely my honest opinions of the September Dapper Dog Box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.