March, 2017 - "Welcome to the Circus" PoochPerks Box

The theme for the March PoochPerks box is “Welcome to the Circus”. I very much enjoyed the circus when I was younger so I’m always happy to see this theme in our box. PoochPerks offers many different subscription plans, including one that is completely customizable. They have recently revamped their website, so be sure to check them out here.

The toys in the March PoochPerks Box are:

  • Lulubelle’s Power Plush Pup-eroni Dog Toy - (retail value $10.97) We would certainly classify this as a deep dish pizza, as it’s a pretty thick toy. It certainly is realistic looking and makes us hungry! These toys are made to be extremely durable, as they have an extra layer of durable mesh on the inside. The outside itself is super soft and houses a squeaker in the middle of the toy, however, due to it’s thickness, Bruce Wayne will not be able to squeak the toy. But it makes for a great pillow and fun prop. ;-)
  • Spunky Pup Fetch & Glow Ball Dog Toy - (retail value $5.84) We received the orange ball which is their medium ball. While this ball is too big for Bruce Wayne and he does not play fetch, I love the concept of this toy. It truly does glow in the dark, which makes for easy play in the evening. I also love that this toy is dishwasher safe! We all know how gross and icky fetch balls can get so the fact that you can toss this one in the dishwasher to have it properly cleaned is awesome!
  • MultiPet Toy Cuddle Buddies Panda Toy - (retail value $6.99) This toy is super cute and definitely caught our eye when we opened the box. While the toy itself is a bit big for Bruce Wayne, it is light enough that he can drag it around and play with it. It houses a squeaker in the body of the Panda, but due to the size, Bruce Wayne will not be able to squeak it. Personally, I love that the Panda is a bit glittery. ;-)
  • MultiPet Rope Head Safari Toy - (retail value $8.49) The safari head we received is the tiger. I love the concept of this toy, as well. The back portion of the animal’s head is a typical knotted rope toy. The toy has soft, plush ears and a face. Within the mouth of the tiger is a squeaker. Even though this toy is probably too big for Bruce Wayne, he loves chewing on rope toys (even if they are bigger than he can handle, lol).

The treats in the March PoochPerks box are:

  • Sojos Good Dog Treats - (retail value $8.35 for 8 oz.) I was so excited when I saw these treats. I am always looking for a way to incorporate blueberry into Bruce Wayne’s diet, as he is not a fan of blueberries in their whole form. While these treats are wheat and corn free, I was a bit disappointed to see that they contain canola oil. I hope that one day Sojo’s switches it to coconut oil. I am not an expert on canola oil for dogs, but in the little bit of research I’ve done, it’s probably best to stay away from it.
  • Buddy’s Biscuits - (retail value $5.95 for 6 oz.) The flavor we received is bacon and cheese. These treats are described as a soft and chewy treat. Feeling the treats through the bag, you can definitely feel that they are soft. I’m sure Bruce Wayne would love these, however, they do contain wheat flour, which I do not give to Bruce Wayne. We will hold these for a Closet Cleanout giveaway.
  • Pawsitively Gourmet Doggie Snacks - (retail value $unknown for 6.0 oz.) The flavor we received is sweet potato, which Bruce Wayne is a big fan of. These are a crunchy treat that seems like it could be easily broken down into smaller pieces for smaller dogs. While I do appreciate that the treats are made of only USA grown ingredients, I do not feed Bruce Wayne treats containing whole wheat flour.

The Extra/Accessory in the March PoochPerks Box is:

  • Scrubby Pet No Rinse Bath Mittens - (retail value $9.99 for 5 mittens) This is a brand new product to us! We have never seen or heard of this before, which is one of the many things I love about subscription boxes, we are constantly introduced to new companies. We actually went to the company’s website to see exactly how to use the mitten. This product is to help dogs or cats get cleaned without the fuss of a bath. Bruce Wayne absolutely hates baths so this could come in handy for us. All you need to do is wet the mitten and scrub it a bit to get the suds to form; run the mit over your pup or cat and then towel dry them. The “soap” is ph balanced and gentle enough that you do not technically need to rinse your pet off. Think of it like waterless soap for dogs. :-)

Estimated Value of the March PoochPerks Box: $56.58 (not including the Pawsitively Gourmet Doggie Snacks)

Overall Opinion: PoochPerks continues to amaze me with how many products that they can fit into their box! We received 8 products in our box! This month, the toys really hit a homerun with us. Even though Bruce Wayne doesn’t really play fetch, I loved that the fetch ball is dishwasher safe! :-) The pizza toy is super soft for being as durable inside as it is, which will make both a great prop and pillow for Bruce Wayne. Even though the treats are not in line with what I like to give Bruce Wayne, they are full-sized treats that most dog parents would love to share with their pups. I fully acknowledge that I’m over paranoid about what Bruce Wayne eats. Overall, this box was definitely packed with a lot of circus fun! I loved that we were introduced to some fun, new products and received so many things in our box.

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the March PoochPerks box 3 out of 4 grinchy paws!

Deals/Coupon Codes - If you'd like to try a Pooch Perks subscription, use code BRUCEWAYNE for 15% off. (PoochPerks can be ordered by clicking here.)

*The Fine Print* - Pooch Perks sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (usually same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for Pooch Perks and receives a free box in return for our review, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.