January, 2017 - "New Year New You" PoochPerks Box

The theme for the January PoochPerks box is “New Year New You”. I think we can all relate to this theme, as many of us use the New Year as a fresh start. On the back of the informational flyer, there are some good tips to help keep your pup safe and healthy. PoochPerks offers boxes to fit any budget. We are reviewing the Pampered Pooch box.

The toys in the January PoochPerks box are:

  • MultiPet Ruff Enuff - (retail value $3.99) This ball is about the size of Bruce Wayne’s Chi-Chi head, lol, but that hasn’t stopped him. Bruce Wayne loves chewing on rubber toys and the weaving texture of this toy allows him to be able to chew on it even though it’s almost as big as his head. Ours did feel a bit sticky or have a residue on it when we received it, so be sure to give it a good cleaning before letting your pup play with it.
  • ZippyPaws Gabbles Music Toy Ladybug - (retail value $6.99) This little ladybug is the perfect sized toy for Bruce Wayne. We are always delighted to get a named brand toy that we are familiar with. This ZippyPaws toy is different from any other kind we have encountered. Instead of the usual squeaker inside, the ladybug sings a chirping kind of noise. It seems to start chirping the same way your pup would get a squeaker to squeak, by chewing and pressing on the body of the toy.

Below is Bruce Wayne’s “first impression” video of the ZippyPaws Ladybug toy. As you can see, he really enjoys the toy when it’s chirping. The only downside to the toy for him is that after it chirps the 3 times, he begins to lose interest in the toy. Unfortunately, he hasn’t figured out how to make it chirp again on his own yet.

  • Kong Cozie - (retail value $4.29) This is another very familiar brand named toy. It is about 5 inches in height and makes for a great sized toy for any small pups. It is very lightweight and fuzzy, which Bruce Wayne loves. There is a squeaker in the middle of the body.

The treats in the January PoochPerks box are:

  • Lots of Licks Pet Treats - (retail value $6.99 for 7 oz.) The flavor we received is “Blueberry Yummies”. Bruce Wayne does not like straight blueberries. I’m not sure if it’s a texture thing, but he’s never been a fan. With that being said, I’m always looking for new, fun ways to incorporate blueberries into his diet. These treats seem to fit the bill. These treats are made with only 4 ingredients: organic oat flour, egg, olive oil and organic blueberries.
  • Puppy Cake Puptato Chips - (retail value $4.99 for 2 oz.) Bruce Wayne and I love these chips. He loves the taste and I love the nutrition and packaging. They resemble a human potato chip bag and only contain sweet potatoes and chicken liver. We are both big fans of these chips!
  • Dogs Love Kale Tropical Delight Treats - (retail value 8.99 for 6 oz.) We are pretty new to this company, but have seen that many of our friends on Instagram love them. The flavor we received is coconut and banana. Bruce Wayne loves coconut and likes bananas, so this makes for a great treat for Bruce Wayne. While these treats do contain 5 ingredients, they are all in line with what I am willing to give to Bruce Wayne. The 5 ingredients are: chickpea flour, kale, coconut, banana and flax seeds.

The extra/accessory in the January PoochPerks box is:

  • Pure Puppy Bliss Gentle Cleansing Wash - (retail value $17.00 for 8.0 oz.) What a great addition to the PoochPerks box. I was surprised to see a full-size shampoo. It is described to have a blueberry scent and when you open the bottle, you can certainly smell the yummy blueberries. I like that this shampoo is hypoallergenic, preservative free and no artificial colors or fragrances. I will certainly be giving this a try.

Estimated Value of the January PoochPerks Box: $53.24

Overall Opinion: While the toys didn’t necessarily match the New Year New You theme (unless I just missed the connection), they are all perfectly sized for Bruce Wayne and are toys that I think he will enjoy throughout the year. On the other paw, the treats did match the theme well in our opinion. They are healthy and would make great treats for a pup trying to start the New Year with healthy treats. The standout item for us is the Lots of Licks Pet Treats. I have never tried these treats and are always looking for ways to incorporate blueberry into Bruce Wayne’s diet.

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the December PoochPerks box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws.

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*The Fine Print* - Pooch Perks sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (usually same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for Pooch Perks and receives a free box in return for our review, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.