April, 2016 - "Barnyard Party" Pooch Perks Box

@ipartywithbrucewayne (www.poochperks.com) Box shown above is the Pampered Pooch Upgrade Box

@ipartywithbrucewayne (www.poochperks.com) Box shown above is the Pampered Pooch Upgrade Box

This April Pooch Perks box theme is a "Barnyard Party" to celebrate the arrival of Spring. 

The toys included in the April Pooch Perks box are:

  • Farm Animal Themed Toy (retail value $7.00)
  • Durable Tug Toy (retail value $6.00)
  • RuffDawg Peanut (retail value $12.00)

The treats included in the April Pooch Perks box are: 

  • Biscuit Bob's Cheese Treats (retail value $9.00)
  • Big Daddy Biscuits Turkey Bacon Bites (retail value $9.00)

The accessories/extras included in the April Pooch Perks box are:

  • Opie & Dixie Snoutstick (retail value $4.00)
  • Bacon Flavored Infused Omega 3 Food Topper Spray (retail value $7.00)

Estimated total for the April Pooch Perk's Box we received $54.00

Overall Opinion: At first look, you'd think this small box doesn't offer much, however, once you open it up and pull it out, you'll see that they really packed a lot in this box! You are either going to love or hate the toys.  The toys are homemade, so they are not the typical dog toys you might be used to seeing.  This is no problem for us, as Bruce Wayne isn't an extremely strong chewer.  However, if you have a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) or dog around that size that can easily destruct toys, these stuffies aren't going to last long.  The peanut is good for powerful chewers, however, is a bit too big for Bruce Wayne's tiny Chi-Chi mouth.  I was excited to see the snoutstick.  I have never used one and interested to see how it stacks up to the popular Natural Dog Company version. While I was extremely intrigued by the bacon flavored infused Omega 3 Food Topper Spray, after reading the ingredients, I will not be spraying this on any on Bruce Wayne's kibble.  (Please keep in mind that I'm extremely picky about what I will give Bruce Wayne.)  This may be perfectly fine for your pup, as I know most dog parents aren't as paranoid as I seem to be.  I love the fact that you get two full sized treat bags in this box and they are absolutely stuffed to the top! From the information on the bags, both companies (Big Daddy Biscuits and Biscuit Bob's) seem to be small, family-owned companies, which is always great to see subscription boxes supporting small businesses.  That being said, both treats are made with Flour, which is something I keep Bruce Wayne from eating. (Yes, there is "good" and "bad" flour, however, I prefer to just not have Bruce Wayne ingest any).  Again, I cannot stress enough that I'm neurotic about what Bruce Wayne eats.  Both companies promote using local fresh ingredients and are wheat-free, which always makes us happy! While I won't be giving these to Bruce Wayne, I know my mother's dog will absolutely love these (she's not a crazy wacko like I am and gives her dog these types of treats and he's doing just fine)!

Overall, I am not in total love with this April's Pooch Perks box, but I still think it's a good value (about $54.00) for a small dog that isn't a destructive chewer and was pleasently surprised to see just how much they fit into this small box! :-) 

Deals/Coupon Codes - If you'd like to try a Poochperks subscription, use code BRUCE for 15% off and free shipping. (Poochperks can be ordered from www.poochperks.com or simply click on the picture above)  Happy shopping!

*The Fine Print* - Poochperks sends toys and treats based on your dogs size at the time you signup for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for Poochperks, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference. 

Bruce Wayne