November, 2016 - "No Pooch Left Behind" PoochPerks Box

The theme of the November PoochPerks box is “No Pooch Left Behind”. PoochPerks has many different subscription plans to fit every budget. We are reviewing the “Pampered Pooch” box. (I am very passionate about this month’s theme, see my opinion at the end in my “overall opinion” section.)

The Toys in the November PoochPerks Box are:

  • Kong Teddy Bear - (retail value $5.99) We received the medium sized teddy bear, which is a little too big for Bruce Wayne, but being that it has low stuffing, it is super lightweight and easy enough for him to drag around. This plush bear is super soft, which believe it or not, Bruce Wayne can tell when there’s a super soft toy or blanket and always gravitates towards it. There is a squeaker in the teddy bear’s head and Kong gives you an extra one in case your dog actually gets through to it and breaks it. As you can see from the photo above, there really is minimal stuffing in the bear.
  • Dog For Dog Knotted Barrel Rope - (retail value $4.99) These rope toys come in different colors. We received the blue toy, perfect for Bruce Wayne. The toy itself feels extremely durable and a great toy for tough chewers. It’s a bit too big for Bruce Wayne, as it measures about 12 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. He will never be able to get his little Chi-Chi mouth around it. However, the funny thing is, is that Bruce Wayne loves big rope toys. As long as they are rope toys, he doesn’t care the size and will still try to gnaw on it, lol.

Below is Bruce Wayne's "first impression" video of the above rope toy. As you can see, the toy itself is too big for Bruce Wayne, however, it is light enough for him to be able to carry around. Even though he has a short attention span, he has continued to play with this toy around the house.

  • ASPCA Dachshund Dog Toy - (retail value $6.99) This is certainly a true Dachshund toy, as it measures about 13 inches long! It has a squeaker in it’s throat (maybe a bit morbid? lol) and is plush stuffing throughout the rest of the body of the toy. It’s pretty lightweight and has the perfect ears for Bruce Wayne to chew on.

The Treats in the October PoochPerks Box are:

  • Mojo’s Morsels - (retail value $5.95 for 4.0 oz.) We received the “Cyds” treats, which are described as a pumpkin flavored treat. I was so excited to see Mojo’s Morsels in our PoochPerks box. Their “smidges” are one of Bruce Wayne’s favorite treats! If you are not familiar with Mojo’s, they are a small business that is always willing to help donate to dog shelters or fundraisers. These “Cyds” only have 3 ingredients: pumpkin puree, organic rolled oats and milled buckwheat, which makes me extremely happy. Bruce Wayne has been loving these yummy treats. As is, they are a little too big for Bruce Wayne, but they can easily be broken down into smaller pieces for him to enjoy.
  • Dogs Love Kale Treats - (retail value $8.99 for 6 oz.) The flavor we received is apple crisp. These are heart shaped crunchy treats. They are too big for Bruce Wayne when left whole, but can easily be broken down into smaller pieces. We’ve heard and seen a lot about these treats so we were happy to finally get to try them. Being that I have to watch Bruce Wayne’s crude fat intake these days, I am so happy to see that they are 1% crude fat! :-) Also, these treats are wheat free and only contain 5 ingredients. 

As you can see in Bruce Wayne's "first review" video below, he seems to enjoy these treats. It defiantly took him a few seconds to sniff them out. Bruce Wayne is a very picky eater and will not eat treats like most pups, lol. I had no problem breaking these treats into smaller pieces with one hand.

  • Dog For Dog Dogs Bar - (retail value $2.99 for 1.41 oz.) We received 2 of these bars in the flavors peanut butter and blueberry. I love the packaging in that they resemble human protein bars, lol. I also love that they are gluten free, however, since they do have a high crude fat intake, I will have to pass these to Bruce Wayne’s crazy Uncle Patches, but no doubt he will love them! :-)

The Extras/Accessories in the November PoochPerks Box are:

  • Dog for Dog Dog Spa - (retail value $5.99 for 4.0 oz.) This is described as a dry shampoo for dogs. You can spritz this on your dog in between groomings for a fresh smell. We received the Aloe & Kiwi Melon scent. I actually really like this spray. I am not a huge fan of the kiwi smell, but I like that I don’t feel like I am putting straight soap onto Bruce Wayne’s fur. We’ve tried dry shampoos in the past and I didn’t like that it actually soaped up because then I felt like he needed to be bathed. This spray is not like that. It literally soaks right up and keeps Bruce Wayne from smelling like a bag of Fritos, lol.
  • One Fur All Wax Melt - (retail value $6.99 for 3 oz.) We are big fans of this company! We actually learned of them through our first ever PoochPerks box. They are a small company and support various rescues and shelters throughout the U.S. That all aside, the candles themselves are great! They are long lasting and always smell delightful. I used to buy Yankee Candles for all my lady relatives, but this year will definitely be purchasing their candles from One Fur All. If I can help support a small business that appreciates the love of dogs, well that is a no brainer for me! :-) Oh and an awesome idea I got from their website is once your candle has ran out of wax, you can use the glass jar as a treat holder!

Estimated Value for the November PoochPerks Box: $51.87

Overall Opinion: I loved this theme for the November box. You’d automatically think that we would be getting a Thanksgiving/Turkey themed box, but PoochPerks took the creative/thoughtful route and made it a box about giving back. All the companies that are included in this box have in one way or another proven to give back to dog shelters/rescues, which couldn’t make us happier during the holiday season. We always love to support companies that give back to fellow pups in need. Even if the box wasn’t highlighting all the good that these companies do, we still absolutely love this box! It is jammed packed with goodness. Literally. I couldn’t put the items in the box and close the lid again, I’m still not sure how they got it all in, lol. PoochPerks has been a great influencer in our dog shopping ways, as they have continuously opened our eyes to such great brands.

B-DUBS Verdict: Bruce Wayne gives the November PoochPerks box 4 out of 4 grinchy paws! (The treats won him over)

Deals/Coupon Codes - If you'd like to try a Pooch Perks subscription, use code BRUCEWAYNE for 15% off and free shipping. (Pooch Perks can be ordered by clicking here or simply click on any of the pictures above.)

*The Fine Print* - Pooch Perks sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (usually same theme though) than Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for Pooch Perks and receives a free box in return for our review, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.