October, 2016 - Pumpkin Patch PoochPerks Box

The theme for the October PoochPerks is "Pumpkin Patch". Obviously, the timing for the theme is perfect and we absolutely love fall and Halloween. 

The toys in the October PoochPerks box are:

  • ZippyPaws Zippy Burrow Pumpkin with Bats - (retail value $13.99) I absolutely love getting ZippyPaws toys in our boxes! It’s great when we get a brand name that we recognize. This is a medium sized pumpkin. It is a bit big for Bruce Wayne, but being that it’s a pumpkin, it works. Inside, there are 3 little bats that your dog can pull out and put back in. This toy is designed to help keep dogs active and using their intelligence. Bruce Wayne does not have the desire to actually put them in or pull them out (lol), but he does enjoy playing with the little bats. Each bat has a squeaker and he loves chewing on their wings.

The video below is Bruce Wayne's "first impression" of the ZippyPaws bat toy. As you can see, he loved playing with these bats. They are such a great size for him. Enjoy!

  • ZippyPaws Halloween Colossal Buddie Pumpkin - (retail $5.99) This toy is fuzzy and about about 6 inches tall. The body of the toy is quite round and the entire body is one big squeaker. It’s too thick for Bruce Wayne to wrap his little Chi-Chi mouth around, however, he can drag it around by the toy’s arms and head top. Bruce Wayne loves fuzzy toys so he likes chewing on the body. If your dog loves squeakers, they will love this toy. There is absolutely no problem getting this toy to squeak if your dog can get their teeth around it. It’s super easy for dogs to work.

The treats in the October PoochPerks box are:

  • Bubba Rose Pumpkin Treat - (retail value $2.45) This is adorable and looks incredibly yummy! It’s about 2 inches wide x 2 inches tall, which makes a great size treat for a big or small dog. It’s a hard crunchy treat so it should be pretty easy to break into smaller pieces. I’m sure Bruce Wayne would love to eat this, however, since Bruce Wayne has some medical issues going on right now and has to watch his crude fat intake, I gave this to Bruce Wayne’s crazy Uncle Patches and he loved it!!
  • Exclusively Dog Smoothers - (retail value $6.99 for 7.0 oz) We received the pumpkin flavored treats, which goes perfectly with the PoochPerks theme! They are wheat, corn and soy free, which is always good. The bag says that they are a chewy texture. They look to be a great size treat. They can easily be broken down into smaller pieces for smaller dogs or could make for a great training treat for larger dogs. Again, since Bruce Wayne has to watch his crude fat intake, he won’t be able to try these, but I will be holding them for a Bruce Wayne’s Closet Cleanout item since they are such a great score!
  • Wholesome Pooch Dog Treats - (retail value $8.50 for 5 oz.) We received the the pumpkin flavored treats, which again fits perfectly with the box theme. I had never heard of this company before, but that is the GREAT thing about subscription boxes, they open your eyes to new brands that you might not have tried on your own or known of. I absolutely love that these are 100% natural wheat free treats. The treats only have 4 ingredients: oat flour, pumpkin puree, honey and olive oil. These treats are crunchy, but easy to break into smaller pieces. Bruce Wayne loves them.
  • Nummy Tum-Tum Pamperin’ Pumpkin Blend - (retail value $2.77 for 4 oz.) O.M.G.!! Remember what I said about subscription boxes introducing you to new brands?! I can’t thank PoochPerks enough for introducing us to this new brand! I’m so in love with it. When I first opened our box and saw this item, I thought it was a human kid’s fruit pouch that PoochPerks decided to include. That would have been fine with me. I use baby wipes for Bruce Wayne instead of doggie wipes. So I was blown away to see that it’s actually made for dogs! This a pumpkin puree and made with only 3 ingredients: organic pumpkin, organic apples and organic cranberries!! You have no idea how excited reading the ingredients made me. This puree is intended to be added to your dog's food or as a small reward. The only downside for us is that it is recommended that you use all the product within 3 days after opening. Since, based on the feeding guide, Bruce Wayne would only get ½ tablespoon daily, that leaves us with a lot of leftover product. The company’s website gives a great idea of freezing portions in ice cube trays and then moving the cubes into an airtight bag, which can last up to 3 months. Luckily, I have his Batman ice cube tray that I can use.

Estimated Value of the October PoochPerks Box: $40.69

Overall Opinion: I absolutely loved this box!! Obviously, the theme is perfect with Halloween coming up, but the items inside really won us over. We are highly active on Instagram and any dog parent on Instagram is surely familiar with ZippyPaws toys. To get 2 ZippyPaws toys is a huge score on its own. While 2 of the treats won’t work for Bruce Wayne, the 2 that he can eat I’m so incredibly happy with!! I can’t say enough good things about this box and PoochPerks in general. They are really a great subscription box that truly tries to make both dogs and dog parents happy.

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the October PoochPerks 4 out of 4 grinchy paws.

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*The Fine Print* - Pooch Perks sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (usually same theme though) than Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for Pooch Perks and receives a free box in return for our review, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.