July, 2016 - "The Big Chill" Pet GiftBox Box

The theme for the August Pet GiftBox is “The Big Chill” and without a doubt is beach driven. Being that we just returned from the beach, we were thrilled to continue the fun.

The Toys in the August Pet GiftBox are:

  • PetLou Beach Ball - (retail value $5.99) If a beach ball doesn’t scream the summer and the beach to you, then I don’t know what will. This is a fun toy with a squeaker inside. It also has a small amount of crinkle material in it for extra added fun. Unfortunately, it is a little too big for Bruce Wayne’s liking. Even though it is too large for his mouth, it is soft enough that a small dog could easily carry it around if they’d like.

Below is a short video of Bruce Wayne’s “First Impression” of the beach ball. Bruce Wayne is very picky and more of a chewer, so I wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t interested in this. I’m sure lots of dogs will have a ball with it though ;-)

  • Bow Wow Pet Flip Flop Rope Toy - (retail value $6.99) What a fun design for a rope toy. We haven’t seen any rope toys designed like this before. It has the thick bottom for a dog to easily carry around and the straps on the sandal make it fun for dogs like Bruce Wayne to chew. Unfortunately, as you can see, ours came a bit damaged.  (If this ever happens to you, be sure to contact customer service so they can help replace your damaged item.)

The Treats in the August Pet GiftBox are:

  • Isle of Dogs Chillout Treats - (retail value $6.99 for 7 oz.) Although the bag does not indicate which “flavor” these treats are, the informative postcard that comes with your Pet GiftBox describes them as “lemon balm extract and lavender”. These ingredients are to help promote calming during anxiety or thunderstorms. Luckily, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have any problems with thunderstorms but our good friend @papi_the_cute_chihuahua hates them, so we will send these up to him to try.
  • The Bear and The Rat Fro-Yo To Go Treats - (retail value $10.99 for 2 oz.) The flavor we received is sweet potato carrot. You might be turned off by the price of these treats for only 2 oz. of product, but please keep in mind that these are freeze-dried treats. When a treat is freeze-dried, they are always much lighter in comparison to crunchy hard treats. This bag claims to have over 150 yogurt bites per bag! These sound like they would make the perfect training treats for dogs. I’ve never heard of this brand so I was excited to see another freeze-dried treat option. That being said, there are over 10 ingredients (and some I cannot pronounce), so I will have to research these, but will probably pass these on to Bruce Wayne’s crazy uncle Patches (he can eat everything).

The Accessory/Extra in the August Pet GiftBox is:

  • Multipet Chilly Bone - (retail value $12.99) This is a great toy for those hot summer days. Simply fill the bone with water (or your favorite dog friendly liquid popsicle) and freeze overnight. The bone is a soft rubber with holes to allow your dog to slowly get the frozen liquid treat. (Probably best to use outdoors since the liquid will disperse as it defrosts. We’ve seen some Instagram friends having a blast with a similar bone like this, so we are excited to give it a try.

Estimated August Pet GiftBox Value: $43.95

Overall Opinion: Pet GiftBox picked a great theme for the hot summer month of August. I was a little disappointed with the treats (reminder that I am extremely picky about the treats I give to Bruce Wayne). However, I liked the beach themed toys we got. Even though the flip flop was slightly damaged, it’s not a huge deal, as I highly doubt Bruce Wayne would actually be able or care to turn it over. He likes to chew on rope, so he’ll love the top portion of the sandal quite fine. I also am very intrigued by the chilly bone we received. Overall, while I wasn’t blown away by the products, I thought it was a good box for most small-medium dogs.

B-DUBS Verdict: Bruce Wayne gives the August Pet GiftBox 2 out of 4 grinchy paws.

Deals/Coupon Codes - If you'd like to try a PetGiftBox subscription, use code BRUCEWAYNE for 50% off your first box! (PetGiftBox can be ordered by clicking here or simply click on any of the pictures above.)

*The Fine Print* - PetGiftBox sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box. Even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for PetGiftBox and receives a free box, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.