August, 2016 - "Fire Rescue" Pet GiftBox

Without any doubts, the theme for the August Pet GiftBox is “Fire Rescue”. This is the perfect time to raise awareness about fires in general with these high heat temperatures and all the fires that seem to be spreading out west. :-(

The Toys in the August Pet GiftBox are:

  • PrideBites Fire Hydrant - (retail value $9.99) I know I’m always excited to see a brand name toy that we are familiar with and this fire hydrant toy goes perfectly with the Pet GiftBox theme! The toy is about ½ inch thick and flat. It can float and has a squeaker in the middle, however, our squeaker is hard to squeak. It squeaked perfectly the first few times, but then after a few squeaks, I had to really smash it to squeak. Unfortunately, this toy is a bit too big for Bruce Wayne’s liking. His little Chi-Chi mouth cannot reach far enough to the middle to get it to squeak and since it doesn’t have any fur/hair, he doesn’t seem to be interested much as you can see from his “first impression” video below, lol.  
  • MultiPet Fire Hydrant Toy - (average retail value $7.99) Again, this toy is perfect for the fire theme! If your dog is a powerful and easily destructs toys, this would be a great toy for them, as it made of durable fire hose. There is also a squeaker in the middle surrounded by crinkle material. Being that this fire hydrant is about 12 inches long, Bruce Wayne will probably stray away from this toy, but his crazy Uncle Patches (a JRT) will absolutely love it!

The Treats in the August Pet GiftBox are:

  • Big Bakes Sweet Potato Pie Treat - (retail value $3.49 for 5.2 oz.) This is actually a pretty large hard, crunchy treat shaped in what I believe is a fire hydrant. For a single treat, it is certainly a lot of treat for the price point. However, with that being said it is made with about 14 ingredients, with whole wheat flour being number one. Therefore, this treat will have to go to Bruce Wayne’s crazy Uncle Patches who I’m sure will love it.
  • Off Leash Treats - (retail value $5.99 for 5.29 oz.) The flavor we received is smokey beef, which beef is by far Bruce Wayne’s favorite protein, so that’s always a win when we get beef. These treats are a semi-soft chew and the perfect size for small dogs. They would also make for great training treats for larger dogs. These treats are a bit better in that they contain 9 ingredients, but because I’m ultra crazy about what Bruce Wayne eats, I’ll put these in line for his crazy Uncle Patches to enjoy.

The Extra/Accessory in the August Pet GiftBox are:

  • Emergency Pet Alert Window Sticker - (retail value $varies) I was so happy to see this sticker included in the fire themed Pet GiftBox, as it could be a real lifesaver. This sticker allows the homeowner to advise emergency officials exactly how many animals are housed inside if, God forbid, a fire occurred and the homeowner is unable to communicate with officials how many animals may still be inside. This advises emergency officials exactly how many and what species are inside the house. It can literally save animals’ lives.

Estimated Value of the August Pet GiftBox: $27.46 (not including the Pet Alert Sticker. The prices varies dramatically depending on where you get yours from and being that this looks custom made for Pet GiftBox, we are unable to get an accurate price.)

Overall Opinion: I love the theme of this box and Pet GiftBox really did a great job of sticking to the theme. That being said, unfortunately, Bruce Wayne will not get to wreak many of the benefits of this box due to his size and diet, however, I think a ton of small medium sized dogs would love it! I always love seeing PrideBites or other brand name toys included in our boxes!

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the August Pet GiftBox 2 out of 4 grinchy paws.

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*The Fine Print* - Pet GiftBox sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box. Even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for Pet GiftBox, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.