April, 2016 - "Dog for Dog" Pet GiftBox


Pet Gift Box partnered with Dog for Dog for their April box. This definitely peaked our interest and prompted us to get this box! We’ve seen Dog for Dog around on Instagram and love what they do. For those that are unfamiliar with Dog for Dog, they believe in giving back to dog shelters, so for every item you purchase, they will donate that same type of item to a dog in need! With the purchase of this April Pet Gift Box, Dog for Dog donated five meals to a North American dog shelter.

The toys in the April Pet Gift Box are:

  • Stuff-A-Ball Treat Toy - (retail value $7.99) This is a fun interactive toy for dogs! You put a treat in the middle of the ball and they get lots of exercise trying to get their treat out. It’s a great concept and provides lot of entertainment for your dog as long as he/she is food driven. This is quite large for Bruce Wayne so he can only roll it around. Also, Bruce Wayne is not a food motivated dog, LOL! If he can’t get to it, he’ll just go nap, he doesn’t have the typical desire like most dogs to play with the ball until they can get the treat.
  • Plush Puppies - (average retail value $9.99) This “plush puppie” is exactly what it says it is. It is extremely plush with a squeaker in the body of the puppy. It seems like a good toy for small dogs, as it doesn’t feel very durable if you have a strong chewer that easily destroys stuffies. It is a bit too big for Bruce Wayne’s liking, but good for a small-medium sized dog.
  • Crinkle Paw - (average retail value $11.99) This paw is flat, but soft and contains a crinkle material. There is no squeaker, but that doesn’t bother Bruce Wayne. I think he prefers the crinkle material over squeakers a lot of times. This paw toy is about the size of Bruce Wayne, but since it’s flat and light, he has played with it quite often. (See end of this post for Bruce Wayne’s “First Impression” of this toy.)

The treats in the April Pet Gift Box are:

  • DogsBar - (retail value $2.99 for 1.41 oz.) We received the DogsBar in Peanut Butter flavor. I love the packaging and concept, as it resembles a human protein bar. The bar is gluten free and all-natural which is always a bonus, but I’ll probably end up giving this one to Bruce Wayne’s “Uncle Patches” since I don’t like to give Bruce Wayne certain ingredients, but we have a lot of friends that love these bars.
  • DogsTreat in Duck Mini - (retail value $7.99 for 7.0 oz.) I love that we got a full-size bag of treats! These are mini treats, which make them great for training and they are even small enough for Bruce Wayne! They are semi-soft treats making them easy to break in half if you want an even smaller training treat. They are corn and wheat free which you know we love, however, they do contain flour which I keep Bruce Wayne clear of (just a personal preference).

The extra freebie in this April Pet Gift Box is:

  • Pet Gift Box Shirt - (retail value $n/a) Pet Gift Box threw in this shirt for anyone that ordered this April Dog for Dog themed box. While it is a universal size large and too big for me, it’ll make for a great bedtime shirt! It’s super soft and a great little freebie, but one that I’ll only be wearing inside the house due to the large size.

Estimated Retail Value of the April Pet Gift Box: $40.95

Overall Opinion: I originally purchased this box because I saw a friend on Instagram posting with the Dog for Dog products and the toys were black and yellow (Batman colors). Honestly, I was a little bummed when we didn’t get the same products, but that’s sometimes how subscription boxes work so I completely understand. I loved that Pet Gift Box partnered with Dogs for Dogs. Even though I don’t feed their treats to Bruce Wayne, I love the concept of donating an item to dog shelters with every purchase. I also really enjoy when subscription boxes send products that we regularly see on Instagram! It makes me feel like every product we receive is truly a good value.

B-DUBS Verdict: Bruce Wayne gives it 2 out 4 grinchy paws! (I loved the theme, but he didn’t get to try any of the treats and he really only played with the crinkle paw.)

Deals/Coupon Codes - If you'd like to try a Pet Gift Box subscription, use code BRUCEWAYNE for 50% off your first box! (Pet Gift Box can be ordered by clicking here or simply click on any of the pictures above.)

*The Fine Print* - Pet Gift Box sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box. Even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is now an affiliate for Pet Gift Box (when we ordered this April box, we were not an affiliate), however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.

This is Bruce Wayne's "First Impression" of the Dog For Dog Crinkle Paw toy he received in his box. Even though it is the same size of him, he loves playing with it and the noise that the crinkle material makes. Enjoy! :-)