December, 2016 "Holiday" (?) Paw Pack Box

Our December Paw Pack did not come with any informational flyer, so I’m not exactly sure what their official theme is, however, it does seem to be holiday themed, so we will go with that theory. :-)

The toys in the December Paw Pack are:

  • ZippyPaws Santa Scarf - (retail value $5.99) Unfortunately, the scarf we received is a size large, even though when we signed up, we requested the box for small pups. That being said, it is still a really cute scarf. It is a velvet like material making it very soft to wear and the perfect colors for a holiday scarf.
  • Spot Holiday Pets Smoochers - (retail value $5.99) I guess this is a reindeer with overly large lips and mouth to make for a funny dog toy. It houses a squeaker in the head of the toy. While this is too large for Bruce Wayne to be able to squeak, it is light enough for him to drag around and he should have fun chewing on the antlers, ears and overly large lips, lol.

The treats in the December Paw Pack are:

  • Bubba Rose Gourmet Baseball Cookie - (retail value $3.99 for 1 cookie) Okay, this treat threw me a curveball (lol, get it?!). Joking aside, I’m not sure what this treat has to do with the holiday theme, but we will go with it. It is a great size “cookie” for all dogs. It can easily be broken down into smaller pieces for small dogs. However, since I no longer give Bruce Wayne peanut butter, I’ll have to pass this one to his crazy Uncle Patches.
  • Dog Loves Kale Gobblers - (retail value $9.99 for 6 oz.) The flavor we received is turkey and sweet potato. I love that this is a full-size treat bag. We are pretty new to this brand, however, have heard that many of our social media friends love them. I am always happy to receive grain and wheat free treats and since these ingredients are in line with what I’m willing to let Bruce Wayne eat, I will put these in line for Bruce Wayne to try.
  • Exclusively Dog Meatloaf Slices - (retail value $7.29 for 7.0 oz.) The flavor we received is turkey meatloaf. Again, I love that we get a full-size bag of treats in the box. These treats are described as a chewy treat. I can see through the bag that if I left the treats whole, it would be too big for Bruce Wayne, however, I can easily break them into pieces through the bag so small dogs shouldn’t have a problem eating these. I’m always hesitant of treats with a lot of ingredients so I will hold these for a Closet Cleanout giveaway.

Estimate Value of the December Paw Pack Box: $33.25

Overall Opinion: Paw Pack seems to be a mystery these days. When we first started getting Paw Pack a few months ago, they were top notch and I’d say second only to BarkBox. They were on their game. Something happened. No one is quite sure what happened, but Paw Pack disappeared. Their Instagram presence halted and their affiliates were no longer receiving their monthly boxes. Within the last month or so, their Instagram has become active again, so we decided to give them another try. Overall, it doesn’t feel like the original Paw Pack. I believe that they sold their company to another subscription box company that has taken over. It is a bit disappointing because Paw Pack was so highly regarded and it feels like they may have taken a step back, but we will continue to try them and give them a few chances to see how things go. The standout item for us in this December Paw Pack box is the Dogs Love Kale treats. I’m always happy to get a treat that Bruce Wayne can actually eat.