How to Land a Brand Ambassador or Model Gig for Your Dog!

How can my dog become a Brand Ambassador or Model for (insert company name here)? This is a question I get asked a lot, so I figured I would address it in a blog post and hopefully help some friends snag a Brand Ambassador or Model position.

First, there is a difference between “Brand Ambassador” and “Model”. You should know the difference and know what you are applying for or trying to become. Don’t exactly know the difference? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is a dog/pet/human that represents a brand or company. These are usually paid or commission based positions. Because they are paid and/or commission based, there is usually higher expectations from you, “the talent”. If you wish to become a Brand Ambassador or are asked to become one, you should be ready to make a solid commitment. Brand Ambassador positions come with a contract, so be ready to sign on the dotted line. Make sure you clearly understand what is expected from you, so that both you and the brand are on the same page.


A Model position is also a dog/pet/human that represents a company, however, these are usually unpaid gigs. Most modeling positions are in exchange for free product for your pet to obviously, model. These positions are usually more lenient with their expectations from you. Since you are not being paid, there are not as many posting requirements.

Which is best for you?

Well, this is obviously best decided by you. Only you can decide which position you would like to go after. Bruce Wayne is both a Brand Ambassador and Model for various companies. They both have their pros and cons, as with anything in life.

Now What?

Now, you go after what you want! If you are looking for a modeling gig for a certain small business you love, they typically host “Model Searches” once or twice a year. The easiest way to find out when a company is having their next Model or Brand Ambassador search is to contact the company directly and ask. Not only does it show you have interest, but it puts you on that company’s radar.

Be sure that when you are posting, you post in the category you are going after. For instance, if you want your dog to become a Model for a certain bandana company, make sure you are posting photos of your dog in bandanas. Show the company what you have to offer. If you are looking to land a modeling gig with a clothing company and are constantly posting pictures of your dog unclothed, the clothing company will be less likely to choose your dog.

Be Loyal

Do not take every position you are offered. Be selective and be loyal. Not only will your followers see right through your posts if you’re a representative for every company under the sun, but other companies will as well. After all, you will be putting your hard work into writing reviews, taking pictures, etc., so you should truly love the companies you are working with.


While no one likes a suck up, companies do like an overachiever. I highly suggest this especially if you are a Brand Ambassador and looking to extend your contract with a certain brand or company. If your contract says to post once a month, post twice. If you truly like the company this shouldn’t be hard to do anyway. Show the company that you are invaluable and not just there for a paycheck.

I hope this these tips have helped you decide what you want to go after for your dog and how to go about doing so. Every company can be a little different, so you must be willing to be flexible. Bruce Wayne and I both love supporting our fellow pet community members, so if you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to ask! You can always leave a comment, or contact us through the “Contact Us” page and we will email you back shortly.

Good luck, my friends!