Product Review - Sally Snacks!

Click photo to order; use discount code IPBWSS40 for 40% off

Click photo to order; use discount code IPBWSS40 for 40% off

This is a sponsored post. The post contains affiliate links. We received Sally Snacks for free in exchange for our HONEST opinion and review.

A few months back, we received a treat in our Dapper Dog Box that we had not heard of before. The beautiful thing about subscription boxes is that we are introduced to products we haven’t tried yet. The treats that we had received were Sally Snacks.

What are Sally Snacks?

That’s the exact question I had when I saw the bag in our box. I quickly learned that Sally Snacks is a jerky like treat made with minimal ingredients. If you follow us, you know that I love minimal ingredient treats. I try to feed Bruce Wayne the absolute best and settle for nothing less.

First Ingredient - New Zealand Venison. Not only New Zealand venison, but it is grass-fed venison. That makes me extremely happy! I always tell people that not only should you research the ingredients you are giving to your dog, but you should also research the sourcing of the ingredients. Yes, there is a difference between grass-fed and corn-fed animals. Do not let anyone tell you that corn-fed is just as good as grass-fed.

Second Ingredient - Organic Turmeric. ORGANIC. Yeah! Whenever you can go organic, you should! The fact that Sally Snacks went the extra step to make sure the turmeric was organic, I knew these treats were made by someone who cares just as much for Bruce Wayne as I do. If you are unfamiliar with turmeric, it is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. I regard turmeric as a gift from Mother Nature that I give to Bruce Wayne daily in some form or another.

The video below is Bruce Wayne’s first impression of the original Sally Snacks. As you can see, he loved them so much he was more than willing to do some tricks to get some more.

Sally Snacks Added a Third Ingredient and Got a Facelift!

Well, by facelift, I mean they updated and changed their packaging. Was their anything wrong with their old packaging? I would say no. It was simple and maybe a bit plain for some, but I knew they were a small company, so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the packaging. Throughout the years with Bruce Wayne, I’ve learned that it’s what’s inside the bag that counts. We’ve had plenty of treats sent to us that have super fancy and eye catching packaging, but has 15+ ingredients and contains whole wheat. :-(

I will say, the new packaging looks fantastic! The new packaging gives the treats a big company feel, while still maintaining a healthy treat inside. I love that Sally Snacks still kept the front of the packaging simple and clean.

The New Third Ingredient - Organic Black Pepper. Why? That’s what I asked too. Upon some research, I learned that Sally Snacks added the organic black pepper to help “boost the absorption of antioxidants in the turmeric”. Not to mention, the organic black pepper adds a little zest to the overall flavor of the treat.

I was a little worried that Bruce Wayne might not like the new formula with the added organic black pepper. Bruce Wayne really enjoyed the original 2 ingredient formula, but I certainly wanted to let him at least try the newly formulated treat …. AND, he LOVED it!

Below, is a video of Bruce Wayne’s first impression of the newly formulated treats. As you can see, he still loves the treats. The added organic black pepper didn’t bother him at all.

Besides the pepper, the other difference in the newly formulated treats is that they are thicker and crunchier. They look like a jerky, but have a hard, crunchy texture. Being that Bruce Wayne eats raw and freeze-dried raw, I like for his treats to be crunchy to give him some texture in his diet and keep his teeth working hard. ;-) If you have a small dog like me, you won’t have any issues breaking these treats into smaller pieces. The thicker and crunchier formula makes it easier to break. I will say that some strips were easier to break down than others, however, that is to be expected since they are actual meat pieces.

Sally Snacks Pledge:

"Sally Snacks uses high quality, healthy ingredients to help support your dog's wellbeing, and we donate a portion of profits and volunteer to help pets in need."

All in all, both Bruce Wayne and I truly enjoyed the Sally Snacks treats! Bruce Wayne loves the taste and I love the ingredients! We hope that you will give them a try too and have a discount code to help you start your dog down the healthy treat path. Sally Snacks kindly provided the code “IPBWSS40”, which gives you a 40% discount off their treats when ordered through any of the Sally Snacks links provided in this post. But Hurry! This code is only valid till June 23, 2017.

We would love to see your dog with their Sally Snacks! Please tag us in any social media pictures of your dog with his/her Sally Snacks and we will share them on our Instagram stories! :-) Happy snacking!