What is "Gotcha Day" and How We Celebrate It!

What is “Gotcha Day”? I used to think it was something only my family and I celebrated. Gotcha Day is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the day you “got” something or someone. I was adopted and every May 18th, my mother and I celebrate my Gotcha Day. When I bought/adopted/rescued Bruce Wayne, I instinctively celebrated his Gotcha Day, June 28th, as well. Much to my surprise and delight, when I started Bruce Wayne's Instagram, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one to celebrate their dog’s Gotcha Day! :-)

Is this just another Hallmark holiday?

Sure, non crazy-dog parents would think this is just another ploy to get you to buy gifts and such for your dog, but that’s not the case at all. It’s a day to celebrate bringing Bruce Wayne home. It’s a day to reminisce about the puppy days. It’s a day to reminisce about the time when our forever bond formed. Yes, I admit that I do get Bruce Wayne a few gifts and treats, but if that’s not in your budget, you certainly do not have too. Your dog will still love you with or without gifts. That’s the beauty of a dog.

How do we celebrate Bruce Wayne’s Gotcha Day?

As many of you may or may not know, Bruce Wayne has a fascination with hotels. He absolutely loves them! He comes alive like a puppy each time we step into a hotel room. Maybe it’s the new smells, maybe it’s the comfy beds or maybe he knows that it usually a day to celebrate him. I’m not exactly sure what he thinks, but I do know that he loves it and I love seeing him happy. So, for Bruce Wayne’s Gotcha Day, we will be spending the night at a dog-friendly hotel in Baltimore, the Royal Sonesta.

Throughout the day, we will be strolling around the Inner Harbor and other dog-friendly landmarks in the Baltimore area to take some photos and enjoy the day. We invite you to tag along on our adventures by following the @visitbmore Instagram account. You will get raw, “behind the scenes” footage of Bruce Wayne doing what he does best: being cute! ;-)

A Big Surprise.

No Gotcha Day in our household would be complete without an extra special gift. Stay tuned to see what Bruce Wayne’s big gift is. As many of you know, when Bruce Wayne gets something, so do our friends. A fun giveaway will be coming your way!

Do you celebrate your dog’s Gotcha Day? What do you do to celebrate it? We are always looking for new ways to celebrate Bruce Wayne’s and would love to hear what our friends do to celebrate theirs.