Product Review - Benebone AND Win a YEAR'S supply!

Is your dog a chewer? Are you fighting to keep your dog from chewing up your shoes? Does your dog get into mischief because he/she is bored? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have the product for you! :-)

Benebone. What is it?

Benebone is a chew toy for dogs. They are made of super strong, durable nylon and have human grade bacon, peanuts or chicken mixed in for flavoring. The original Benebone comes in the wishbone shape. In essence, this gives your dog 3 different ends he/she can chew on. This also allows for your dog to hold the Benebone easier since after all, they do not have thumbs.

A year or so ago, Benebone added the dental Benebone to their line. The dental Benebone comes with rigged ends to stimulate your dog's teeth and gums. Since the dental Benebone has 2 “handles” on each end, this makes for a good tug-o-war toy. The dental Benebone comes also comes in all 3 flavors: bacon, peanut butter and rotisserie chicken.

Big or Small, Benebone Covers Them All.

One of our favorite things about Benebone is that they come in a “mini” size. These are the perfect size for smaller dogs like Bruce Wayne. If you have a bigger dog, they aren’t left out, as the original wishbone Benebone comes in 3 sizes: mini, regular and jumbo. Currently, the dental Benebone is available in mini and regular. I must say the regular size dental Benebone is quite large. Even if you have a labrador, it will still be a good fit for them.

While, one of my favorite things about Benebone is that they come in a mini size, my absolute favorite thing about Benebone is that they give back to our dog community. Each Monday, on Instagram, Benebone holds a “Shelter Monday” contest. You can win a box of Benebones for your favorite shelter! How awesome is that?! You can literally give shelter dogs a box of happiness!

Contests and Good Causes.

If you’re wanting to try Benebone, but rather try your luck first before buying one, you can enter into their Free Benebone Friday contest. Much like the Shelter Monday contest, on Fridays, you can post a picture of your pup with the designated hashtag to win a free Benebone! :-) Can’t wait until Friday to try one? Benebones can be purchased from Chewy or Target.


You could enter our contest! We are co-hosting the Monday Benebone Shelter contest with Benebone tomorrow, June 19, 2017! BUT WAIT…..(we hope you said that in a cheesy infomercial voice) you won’t just win a box of Benebones for your favorite shelter, you will win a free YEAR’S worth of Benebones (1 per month for a total of 12 Benebones)! Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram page for the giveaway post tomorrow morning. For extra bonus points and fun, let us know in the comments below which Benebone is your dog’s favorite? Or if you haven’t tried Benebone yet, which one do you think your dog would like best?

Good luck!