Our First BlogPaws Conference Recap!

As many of you know, Bruce Wayne and I flew out to Myrtle Beach last week to attend the BlogPaws Conference. It was our first time attending and I personally did not know anyone else that was attending. I’m fairly new to the blogging world, so many of the people we know are from our main platform, Instagram. We were lucky enough to win a free blogger pass and hotel stay from a contest hosted directly by BlogPaws. Without that, we probably wouldn’t have been able to attend, or I may have used the fact that I didn’t know anyone as an excuse to wait again until next year. Do not make that mistake! Do not put it off just because you too may not know anyone. I promise that you will walk away from the BlogPaws Conference regretting that you hadn’t attended in years past and will have forged new, amazing friendships with likeminded people from around not just the country, but the world. Yes, people from around the world fly into the United States for this once a year Conference.

With the backing of the BlogPaws paid trip, I was determined to make the most of it. I was bound to show the BlogPaws Committee that I was thankful for their graciousness and indulge in as many seminars as I could. Honestly, regardless if you win a trip, you obtain a sponsorship or you pay your own way, it is worthwhile to attend as many of the seminars as you can. I know there’s nothing “fun” or “sexy” about attending a seminar, but at the very least, it will motivate you.

BlogPaws provided seminars no matter what your blogging experience is. From beginners to experts, there were seminars to help everyone gain more knowledge. Personally, I opted to not take the social media seminar, as I feel pretty comfortable and well versed in most social media platforms, minus Pinterest. I hate Pinterest. The great thing about BlogPaws is there are many seminars that you can choose from. Therefore, instead of taking the social media seminar, I took the email seminar. I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t everyone know how to use email?! Yes, however, the seminar went into depth about  how to use it as a powerful marketing tool for your blog. It’s not just about opening a new email, typing some words and pushing send.

I also attended the SEO beginners course. SEO is one of those things that I kind of understood, but never had the patience to actually sit down and learn. Attending the BlogPaws Conference forced me to finally do so. While I still have many questions, probably because I am just technologically confused to begin with, I learned a lot and was given a lot of good resources to help continue my venture into becoming a better blogger.

I could go on and on about the seminars that I attended and all the stuff that I learned, but I’m keeping that mute so that you’ll join me next year when BlogPaws moves the Conference to Kansas City.

What’s one of the best parts of the Conference? ALL THE SWAG! We received a huge bag of toys, treats and accessories from the vendors at the Conference when we arrived. For the first two days of the Conference, vendors are set-up in the Exhibit Hall with all their toys, food, treats and upcoming launches. In essence, you get a sneak peak at a lot of the products coming out this year before other pet parents. You also get the chance to engage directly with the brand marketers. Brands are beginning to seek out engaging bloggers and social media influencers as a way to advertise. There’s no better way to snag a campaign with a brand than speaking directly to them face to face about what you bring to the table.

And who doesn’t love a good happy hour?! BlogPaws has a sponsored happy hour each night of the Conference. That’ll save you tons of money right there alone. That’s if you like happy hours as much as I do! ;-) During the happy hours is a great time to meet fellow bloggers and exchange business cards. I met so many wonderful people during the happy hours that I will hopefully get to collaborate with in the future. If you have any social anxiety or are a nervous nellie like me, chug a glass of wine and start mingling! :-)

This brings me to the best part of the BlogPaws Conference, the Nose to Nose Awards Dinner and Banquet! I’m not just saying that because we won Best Pet Micro Influencer. Ok, maybe I am, lol. Honestly, it was such a fun evening! I’ve never walked a red carpet and BlogPaws truly makes it feel like an honor to be there. They have a roped off red carpet, step and repeat and professional photographers every step of the way to take your photo with or without your furry friend. After a seated dinner, the awards ceremony began. It was so inspiring to see so many various bloggers being recognized for their hard work by their respected peers.

Photo courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Chambers (click photo to check out their blog!)

Photo courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Chambers (click photo to check out their blog!)

All in all, I would say BlogPaws was life changing. I know that probably sounds dramatic, but that’s the best way I can sum it up. It helped me break barriers and overcome social anxieties, while learning so much about blogging that I never would have learned otherwise. Not to mention, I left more inspired to really improve and step up my blogging. The very next morning after I got home, I completely revamped my website and thanks to the BlogPaws Conference, I’m finding my own voice in this crazy dog lady world!

We hope that you too will come join us in Kansas City for the 2018 Conference. If you are at all interested, I would recommend to hurry and buy your tickets now! The earlier you buy, the bigger discount you get. If you are looking for tickets, you can click here. (No, we do not receive any kickbacks or compensation from your ticket purchase. We just hope to see you there!)