Chewy Influencer - April, 2017

For the month of April, Chewy sent the Chewy Influencers a list of products, as they usually do for us to choose from. April was heavily centered around treats or food for dogs. This time, there weren’t any toys, however, as usual, Chewy definitely added something on the list that caught my eye: The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form.

What is “Perfect Form”?

The Honest Kitchen promotes Perfect Form as a “herbal gastrointestinal supplement”. This is a powder supplement that is made for both cats and dogs. Long story short, this supplement is intended to do exactly what it claims, help aid the digestive tract for your pet. It is intended to help dogs or cats that may have daily loose stools or bowel problems, however, it is also intended to help aid dogs or cats that have normal stools, but may have occasional loose stools due to stress or the environment. To me, it sounded like it was made and intended to help the digestive tract in general no matter what degree your dogs or cats issues may range from.  

Why I Picked Perfect Form.

Bruce Wayne actually has normal bowel movements and he’s extremely regular for the most part. TMI? Occasionally, and I mean occasionally, he’ll strain in the mornings while having a bowel movement. Now, I’ve really hit the TMI button. ;-) I choose this because I am familiar with The Honest Kitchen and I’m always looking for ways to aid in Bruce Wayne’s digestive health naturally. I’ve never tried a pre or probiotic to date with Bruce Wayne, so I decided to use this as a tester to see if this could help aid in Bruce Wayne’s bowels.


My Verdict.

For me, personally, I didn’t notice a change in his bowels. Then again, like I said, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have any serious digestive issues, so Bruce Wayne may not be a good measure in that regard.

Bruce Wayne’s Verdict.

He hated it! Bruce Wayne didn’t not like it, he hated it! I do not have any issues with Bruce Wayne eating dinner. I decided to add it to his dinner because in the morning, he can be lazy and take a while to eat. I figured dinner was a good measure, because he always eats his dinner right up.

As you can see in the photos below, he would smelled it, look at it and just sit and stare. Eventually, I did get Bruce Wayne to eat it, however, every night for a few nights he would not eat. After about a week’s worth of testing, I stopped giving it to him. I do not like making feeding time a stressful time for Bruce Wayne, so I went back to his regular meal without any Perfect Form added and he went back to eating his dinner right up.

Overall, I’m disappointed. I had high hopes for this, however, maybe it’s just not Bruce Wayne’s thing. Maybe his taste buds are different from your dogs or cats. According to Chewy, it has pretty high reviews, so it must be working for many other dogs or cats. I will admit Bruce Wayne is quite the picky eater, so in some regards, I’m not surprised.

Ingredients: Papaya Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Slippery Elm, Pumpkin Seed, Pectin, Papain and Fennel

If you are interested in trying The Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form, you can order it from here.

*Disclaimer* We received this supplement free of charge from in return for our honest review. I always base my opinions and reviews solely on Bruce Wayne’s preferences and reactions to the product at hand.