Product Review - BarkShop's Treat Sampler

What’s the best way to find out what treat your dog wants the most? Let them choose! Have a picky eater and not sure what they want? Let them choose! Sensing a theme here? ;-)

A few weeks back, the kind folks at BarkShop asked a few dog parents if they were interested in trying out their Treat Sampler in exchange for a review. Most dog parents would have jumped on this opportunity. Free dog treats and an opportunity to work with BarkShop? Ummmm, yes! However, for me, it took me a day or two to think it over. See, I’m what most would call a paranoid Dog Mom. I don’t feel comfortable giving Bruce Wayne just any treat. I’d rather pay for dog treats that I know are good for Bruce Wayne rather than just give him whatever someone offers us. With this in mind, I asked BarkShop if they could only send us treats that are grain free. Lucky for us, one of their Treat Sampler boxes happen to be grain free.

Why the change of mind? Oh and what the heck is a BarkShop Treat Sampler?

Why did I agree to do this? Easy. I wanted to truly see what treat Bruce Wayne would choose. I think I know what’s best for Bruce Wayne, but would he choose what I would choose for him? Curious minds had to know.

I know you’ve been reading this asking over and over “what the heck is a BarkShop Treat Sampler?” Well, it’s just what it sounds like. A treat sampler for dogs. Have you ever bought your dog a bag of treats and thought your dog was absolutely going to love them, only to get home, open them and have “Fido” look at you in disgust? Come on. We’ve all been there. We can all admit that we’ve made some pour treat decisions before, but always with good intentions. The BarkShop Treat Sampler allows your dog to sample 4 different kinds of treats and pick his/her favorite!

The dets that dogs don’t care about, but humans need to know.

When you go online to BarkShop, you have 3 different Treat Sampler bundles you can choose from: Classic Treat Sampler, Smoke House Jerky Treat Sampler and Feast for Your Beast Treat Sampler. Can't make a decision? Choose all 3! Since I requested grain free treats, BarkShop sent us the “Smoke House Jerky” Treat Sampler. Within each Treat Sampler bundle, you get 4 different snack sized treat samples. This is where it pays to be a small dog. While BarkShop calls these snack sized treat packs, there are enough treats in each pack to last Bruce Wayne a good week! Each sample pack contains at least 3-4 full size treat pieces for your dog to try. Each Treat Sampler box contains the 4 treat samples, a dining place setting for you to put a treat on and a bandana, because every sophisticated dog eats his treats with a bandana. ;-)

Once you lay the treats out for your dog (one treat on each plate setting), you let your dog pick which treat he/she likes best. After your dog makes their decision, you log back onto BarkShop and let BarkShop know which treat your dog picked. BarkShop will then send you a full-sized bag of the treats your dog picked for free! How easy is that?! This also makes for a great dog gift if you are unsure what treats your friends’ dogs like.

The treats we got to sample.

  • No Gainers Jerky Chews - These treats are described as a BBQ chicken flavor. They are long triangle shaped treats. While they feel like they should be a semi-soft treat, they were actually a bit tough for me to break into smaller pieces. Or, I may just need to do more push-ups. That verdict is still out.
  • Best Treats Ever - The flavor we received is duck and turkey. They are described on the package as “nuggets”. They are a round shaped treat that is pretty easy to break down into smaller pieces for smaller dogs.
  • American Hound Turkey Dog Treats - These treats are obviously turkey flavored, however, are described as a “herbed turkey slider”.  These treats are also round in shape and have a jerky feel to them. They are also easy to break for the smaller pups.
  • Think! Dog Dog Treats - The flavor we received is chicken jerky. This is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It is a chicken flavored jerky treat. Again, it is also easy to tear into smaller pieces.

My prediction.

Leading up to this, I thought Bruce Wayne would love this and dive right in. It’s not often, if ever, that he’s had treats just sitting in front of him and he can have any treat he chooses. I was hoping that Bruce Wayne would choose either the American Hound Turkey Treats or the Best Treats Ever due to their ingredients.

What actually happened.

Bruce Wayne froze. Literally. As I was laying the treats out, Bruce Wayne was certainly intrigued. I could see his little sniffer going a mile a minute. Once I laid each treat onto the “plate”, I held Bruce Wayne over the treats so that he could smell each treat individually. My thought was that he’d smell one that he was really interested in and once I put him down, he’d go right for it. I was wrong. Bruce Wayne just sat there and stared at the treats.

My theory of why he just sat there is because Bruce Wayne is trained to take photos. When I have camera out, Bruce Wayne knows to “stay”. So that’s what he did. He stayed. Occasionally, he looked at the treats.  After about 3 minutes of Bruce Wayne just sitting and staring, I put each treat in my hand and let him decide from there. Much to my delight, he chose to eat the Best Treats Ever! However, I knew that this wasn’t the spirit in which the Treat Sampler was inspired, so I decided to try the experiment again.

During Bruce Wayne’s second try, you can clearly see his little Chi-Chi brain looking back and forth at all the treats in front of him as he makes his decision. It’s actually quite adorable! Again, much to my delight, Bruce Wayne chose the Best Treats Ever! You can see him pick the treat up and run off with it. Funny, because on the front of the Best Treats Ever bag, it says “98% of dogs agree [the other 2% are dirty liars]”! I would say that Bruce Wayne certainly agrees.

What’s next?!

Since Bruce Wayne clearly made his treat decision, I can take the redemption code that came with our Treat Sampler box and redeem it online at BarkShop for a free full-sized bag of the Best Treats Ever! Bruce Wayne will surely be awaiting their arrival. One of the best parts is that you still get to keep the other sample treats. You can give them to your dog or hold them as treats for dogs that come over to visit. They are yours so you can do what you want with them.

Which treats do you think your dog would go for? Just how well do you know your dog? Take the BarkShop Treat Sampler challenge like we did and let us know how it turned out for you and your dog. Don’t forget to use code BRUCE when you checkout for an extra chew added to your order for free! :-)

*The Fine Print* Bruce Wayne received the Treat Sampler box free of charge in exchange for our honest review. Our honest opinions are based solely on Bruce Wayne’s preferences. While you may order the same Treat Sampler, your dog may give you different results. No 2 dogs are the same!