Chewy Influencer - March, 2017

For the month of March, Chewy provided the Chewy Influencers with a list of various treats we could try. Usually, Chewy sends a list of both toys and treats, however, since we were actually running low on treats, this list worked out well! Yet again, Chewy to the rescue! :-)

For our first selection, we chose a treat that we were somewhat familiar with, Primal’s Munchie treats. While Bruce Wayne has had the Primal Munchie treats often, this is his first time trying the turkey liver flavor. Usually, we get the beef flavor since that is Bruce Wayne’s favorite protein, however, since I’m trying to watch his crude fat intake, we went with the turkey livers this time.

If you are unfamiliar with the Primal brand, they are a San Francisco based company that began changing the pet food industry in 2001. Primal is committed to educating pet owners about their food choices and is one of the first treat and food companies we had tried.

What really caught my eye was that their treats are single ingredient treats! No fillers, no carbs, just meat! The turkey liver munchies that we received are a freeze-dried treat. They are super easy for Bruce Wayne to chew and are even soft enough for me to break into smaller pieces (I’ve had difficulty in the past breaking apart the beef liver munchies). Without a doubt, Bruce Wayne loved these treats! I’m not surprised one bit, as he’s always been a fan of the Primal treats and loves single-ingredient meat treats.

Ingredient: Turkey Liver. Cost: $5.99 for 2 oz. bag (Click here to order.)

Our second choice for the Chewy Influencer program was The Honest Kitchen’s Joyful Jerky Filets Beef Dog Treats. Bruce Wayne has never had these treats before, but we have tried a few different products from The Honest Kitchen and have always been very happy with what we’ve tried.

These treats are made with only three ingredients, so that coupled with the backing of The Honest Kitchen name, I knew I wanted Bruce Wayne to try these. While the name and packing describes the treats as a “filet”, they are more like shredded beef strips, which is perfect for us. The pieces are pretty thin and are very easy to break apart for smaller dogs or training treats for larger dogs.

After trying these, Bruce Wayne is certainly hooked! He loved the treats and was giving me puppy eyes for more. Since these treats are more of a jerky texture, they do not make a mess if you break it into smaller pieces and also make for an easy on-the-go treat. We certainly will be adding these to our list of Bruce Wayne approved treats!

Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Celery Juice Powder. Cost: $14.69 for 3.25 oz. (Click here to order.)

*Disclaimer* We received these treats free of charge from in return for our honest review. I always base my opinions and reviews solely on Bruce Wayne’s preferences and reactions to the treats.