Unleashing Bruce Wayne's Superhero

We all know that a dog is considered to be “man’s best friend” and that they show us unconditional love. But, what you don’t often hear about is how a dog can inspire in ways that affect your daily life. It’s kind of like having your very own “Superhero Sidekick”. We often tend to think that we, as humans, are the ones taking care of our four-legged friends, but have you ever stopped to really think if maybe it is the other way around? Is it your dog that takes care of you? Is it your dog that inspires you on a daily basis? When you stop to think about your daily tasks, you may find that if it weren’t for your dog, you might be in a different place.

Get Up and Move!

In my younger days, I used to be very active. I would make it a priority to workout every evening. Then, adulting happened. Over the years between family life and work, I lost the urge workout as much as I used to. I found that I was making excuses: not enough time in the day, it’s too cold out, I have to get up early in the morning, etc. I found myself in a rut and lost the desire to workout, moreless go outside and simply walk the park. It wasn’t an immediate change, it happened over time. But, what was an immediate change was my desire and determination to get back outside and get back to walking.

What brought about this sudden change? Bruce Wayne. My fluffy 7 pound best friend needed to lose some weight and exercise both his body and mind. With that, I sprung into action. I realized that my lack of daily walks was not only affecting me, but now it was effecting Bruce Wayne.

On days when I’m “too tired”, I just look at Bruce Wayne and know that I have no excuses. I know that Bruce Wayne needs to get his body moving and in turn, it has helped me to get mine moving too. Now, everyday we go for a walk. On days with bad weather, we go to our local home improvement store that allows dogs in so that we can still get some daily exercise in. Just by walking 20 minutes a day, I’ve rethought about my health and have began working out again few times a week. I even take Bruce Wayne with me to the gym to give me the extra inspiration that I need!

Reading With a Purpose!

Another activity I used to love and enjoy when I was younger was reading. I was a bookworm. I enjoyed reading so much that it was hard for my parents to keep the books flowing, as I’d finish one almost as quickly as I started. Yet again, life and social outings took over and I found myself reading less and less.

Within the last year, I’ve become obsessed with learning as much as I can about how a dog thinks. I want to know why Bruce Wayne does certain things and the meaning behind his actions. With my desires to know more in tow, I began reading again. I purchased books from accredited experts and read blogs of inspiring dog parents in my attempt to understand and improve my communication skills with Bruce Wayne.

Since I love spending my free time with Bruce Wayne, my Saturday nights are now spent cuddled up in bed reading and soaking up as much knowledge as I can.

Not only did Bruce Wayne inspire me to get back into my former passion of reading, but he also pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone of only speaking to my family and close circle of friends about his health and well being.  Bruce Wayne, without saying a word, inspired me to reach out and communicate with fellow pet parents around the globe in an effort to exchange ideas and information. For this much needed push, Bruce Wayne will always be my hero!

Finding My Voice!

I’ve always known that I wanted to help a good cause, but always had a hard time finding exactly what cause I was passionate about. Seems silly, as I always saw people diving right into helping certain causes. I’ve volunteered and raised funds for various animal shelters and while that did give me a great feeling of joy, I was still left yearning for a cause that I truly felt connected with.

Last summer, I started to find my voice. We had more and more animal friends crossing the Rainbow Bridge due to cancer, which terrified me more than words can explain. One of my greatest fears is hearing the words “Bruce Wayne has cancer”. I frantically began researching as much as I could about preventing canine cancer. What I found was astonishing! As our technology advances, so does the science and research backing of ways dog parents can not only prevent, but can reverse some cancerous cells in dogs.

With this knowledge, I began making and preparing Bruce Wayne’s meals. I’m not here for the great raw vs. kibble debate. I’m here to show that through making healthier food decisions for Bruce Wayne, I’ve began making better food choices for myself, as well. Before Bruce Wayne entered my life, I couldn’t tell you anything about the carb ratio a person or dog should have. While researching and making better food decisions for Bruce Wayne, I found myself making better food decisions for myself at the same time.

Every morning, Bruce Wayne takes supplements and a daily medication to improve his health. At the same time, I began taking a multivitamin to improve mine as well. Together, each morning, we are keeping each other on track. By cooking more often for Bruce Wayne, I found myself cooking more often for myself, as well. Cutting out all the fast food and restaurant outings has not only helped my health, but has helped my wallet as well!

With all this new and continuing information regarding how a dog’s health can be changed simply by what they eat, I’ve found my voice! I found what I’m truly passionate about: helping dog parents make better food decisions. All the dog parents I know want to do what’s best for their dog’s health, however, they do not always know the best ways of going about it. Bruce Wayne has inspired me to continue researching and advising dog parents of our findings in hopes that it inspires them too to make better food decisions for both themselves and their dog.

Inspiring the Inspired!

How does your pet inspire you? Take a minute and think about this. On the surface, it may seem like a minor thing, but once you realize how much your pet does to inspire you, you’ll see that, like us, it can be life changing.

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