Chewy Influencer - February, 2017

For the month of February, Chewy sent the Chewy Influencers a variety of different products to choose from. There were many dental based treats since February is National Pet Dental Health month. Since I brush Bruce Wayne’s teeth every night and he’s always received great remarks regarding his teeth from his vet, we opted to pass over these dental treats.

That being said, as soon as I saw the ACANA Mackarel and Greens Single Protein Dog Treats, I knew that I would pick that for Bruce Wayne. We are big fans of the ACANA family. A few months back, they were kind enough to send Bruce Wayne a few bags of their treats to try and Bruce Wayne absolutely loved them! :-) I love that they are healthy and contain minimal ingredients. Typically, I like to give Bruce Wayne single ingredient treats, however, if the treats include other ingredients that provide health benefits, then I’m always on board.

What drew me to these treats besides the backing of the ACANA brand name was the fact that the Mackerel is wild-caught and not farm raised. Whenever I give Bruce Wayne any kind of fish, I always look for wild caught versus farm raised to be sure Bruce Wayne is not ingesting any added antibiotics or pesticides. I was also really excited to see that these treats contain Sarsaparilla Root. I recently just learned of the benefits of Sarsaparilla Root in that it can act as a detoxifying herb for skin conditions.  While Bruce Wayne does not have any specific skin condition, he does often begin licking his paws as the warmer months roll around.

As the bag says, these treats are freeze-dried. If you have never dealt with freeze-dried treats, they are super soft and easy for dogs to chew and for you to break if you wanted to use them as training treats. Be forewarned, they are stinky! After all, they are fish treats.

If you are interested in trying these treats for your dog, they can be purchased from Chewy here. At $5.99 a bag, these are a great, healthy treat to spoil your pup!