Super Easy DIY Healthy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

Bruce Wayne hates eating blueberries. Maybe it’s the texture? Maybe it’s the taste? Either way, he isn’t a big fan, but being the stubborn Dog Mom that I am, I’m always trying to find ways to sneak blueberries into Bruce Wayne’s diet.

That is why I am in love with this super easy frozen treat. It is literally only 2 ingredients: blueberries and plain greek yogurt. I can sneak blueberries into Bruce Wayne’s diet and if he ever catches onto my ways, I can easily replace the blueberries with a different fruit that I know he does like.

Why am I so obsessed with blueberries?

  • Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, iron and zinc
  • Blueberries offer a great way to ingest vitamins C, E, A and B

What are the benefits of Greek yogurt for dogs?

  • Aids in dog’s digestive health
  • Contains live bacterial cultures (aka probiotics)

Like any dairy product, some dogs can tolerate dairy more than others. Therefore, if you choose to feed your dog yogurt and notice signs of diarrhea or any other digestive problems, do not continue to feed your dog said dairy.


  • Organic Blueberries - I always buy organic when I have the option. During the summer months, I often go to our local farmers market and will buy fresh blueberries.
  • Maple Hill Plain Greek Yogurt - I chose this brand because it is 100% grass fed cow milk and there is no added sugar. Also, as you probably guessed, it is also organic. (Please read the label of any Greek yogurt you choose. Do not buy any yogurt with Xylitol. This is an added sweetener that is highly toxic for dogs!)

I purchased the 5.3 oz. yogurt because Bruce Wayne is a small dog and there’s no reason for me to make a huge batch. This size container will last me 2-3 weeks. You can obviously purchase the Greek yogurt that is already flavored, however, I like to have control over how many blueberries I include and how fine I blend the blueberries. I can also be sure that the blueberries are fresh and organic at the time of mixing. (If you choose to purchase the pre-mixed Greek yogurt, you can skip ahead to the freezing portion of this post.)

Time to “Cook”

  • Pour your container of Greek yogurt into a blender.
  • Rinse and pour your blueberries into the blender. (I went with ⅓ cup. You can in up to half the amount of yogurt you have. I would not go over that amount.)
  • Blend, blend and blend! You can blend it and chop the blueberries as fine as you would like to. I blended it pretty well, but left a tiny chunk here and there for texture. If you do not have a blender, don’t worry, you can hand mix and mash the blueberries into the yogurt.

That’s all! Told you it was super easy!

The next steps are optional. You can store the mixture as you deem best for your dog. Since Bruce Wayne is small, I made them into small mounds so that I could easily give him one every other day.

  • Pour your mixture into the squirt bottle.
  • Place some wax paper or parchment paper onto a freezer-safe plate. (If you are making a large batch, you can place them on a baking sheet.)
  • Squirt out a small amount of the mixture onto the paper (larger amount for larger dogs)
  • Freeze the mixture for at least an hour to firm.
  • Pull out of the freezer and if firm, place into ziplock freezer bag.

Feeding Instructions:

Yogurt should be given to your dog as an occasional treat. Currently, I give Bruce Wayne a yogurt chip once every other day. I pull the yogurt treat out of the freezer and give it a few minutes to soften up since Bruce Wayne has tiny teeth. If your dog is a powerful chewer, you do not need to do this step. You know your dog best. Keep an eye on their bowels and make sure your dog is reaping the benefits of the treat instead of it being harmful.

We hope you hand your pup enjoy this frozen treat as much as we do! :-)