Freebie Friday - Bowls, Bowls and More Bowls!

What’s so special about a bowl? It’s just a bowl, right? Sure there are different colors and sizes, but dogs are colorblind and it’s only what is in the bowl that matters, right?!


Bruce Wayne is probably one of the pickiest eaters around to begin with. Mix that with he has a strange obsession with certain bowls and you’ve got a real headache for meal times. As many of you may or may not know, Bruce Wayne is extremely picky about what he eats, which I’ve heard about how dogs can be picky. But picky about bowls? Really?....

All of us probably have those cheap metal bowls. You know the ones I’m talking about. The cheapies that are easy to take when you travel since they are lightweight and cheap enough that if you accidentally lose them it’s not a huge deal. I love taking them when we travel. The only problem is Bruce Wayne HATES them. Yes, hates them. I can’t make this stuff up. I’m not exactly sure why, but whenever I put his food in one, he won’t eat. I don’t know if it is because he might be able to see some of his reflection, if it’s too chilly, etc. All I know is he is not happy if I use one.

My solution? I stocked up on the bowls that I know he loves! These aren’t anything fancy. They are actually pretty cheap and from my local Petsmart. I think he likes them for how wide they are. They allow him to eat his food in a somewhat open space, if that makes any sense. I love them because they are dishwasher safe and ceramic so they are heavy enough that they won’t move around while he’s eating. Being that I’m a paranoid nut and Bruce Wayne eats raw and freeze-dried raw, bacteria is a huge concern of mine, so I bought enough bowls that I can put each bowl into the dishwasher after each meal and still have clean ones to use. They even come in pink and blue and have a cute dog design.

Since it’s Friday and we haven’t done a Freebie Friday in a while with all of Bruce Wayne’s ongoing medical conditions and our traveling schedule, I thought I’d share 2 of Bruce Wayne’s favorite bowls with 2 of our friends. :-) Yes, these are bowls made for smaller sized dogs, but if you have a large dog, they may come in handy for snack time. I wouldn’t recommend using them as water bowls, as they are not very deep, so they wouldn’t hold very much water. You can view the bowls here.

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