Chewy Influencer - January, 2017

This month’s Chewy Influencer picks were all treat or food based, which is always tough for us since Bruce Wayne is raw fed and I do not like to feed him other things just to try. I’m very passionate about Bruce Wayne’s diet and health, but that discussion is for a later time. ;-)

That being said, I was a bit worried scrolling down the list choices that I received from Chewy, as I wasn’t seeing anything that I truly wanted Bruce Wayne to eat…. Until I scrolled down and saw the Primal treats. We are big fans of Primal. When I travel and cannot take Bruce Wayne’s raw food with me, I sometimes feed him Primal freeze-dried raw nuggets and am pretty familiar with their line of treats.

The flavor I chose was beef liver, as beef is Bruce Wayne’s favorite protein. He absolutely loves these! I would love to give them to him more often, but because his tiny pancreas cannot handle lots of protein, I have to give them to him sparingly. They are his extra special treat.

I highly recommend these Primal munchies. I love that they are single-ingredient treats. You do not have to worry about your dog being given any unnecessary fillers with these treats. If you would like to try them, you can order them from here. One of the best advantages of these treats is that they are for both dogs and cats. If you have a dog and a cat, no more fumbling the bags trying to please both. :-) Enjoy!