DIY Personalized Holiday Card Storage Holder

Yes, I admit I’m a hoarder when it comes to Bruce Wayne’s things. I have a hard time throwing stuff out, especially when it comes from the wonderful friends we’ve met through his Instagram account. That being said, I have well over 60 cards from friends all over the world that I didn’t want to just toss out.

Yes, we did open all our cards. I kept some envelopes though so I could add some friends to our contact book.

Yes, we did open all our cards. I kept some envelopes though so I could add some friends to our contact book.

I consider these cards memories as I would photographs of Bruce Wayne. But where to put these cards was an issue. I am actually running out of desk drawer space, so I looked to the Internet and Etsy to help me with card storage.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like anything I was seeing or the price point was higher than I wanted to spend on a holiday card storage bin. After a few days, I became inspired to make my own. This way I could save some money and make it exactly how I wanted it.

The next day, I went to our local craft store and started looking around. Almost immediately, I found the perfect sized box that had enough depth to hold all our cards. And, since it is the New Year and there are a lot of New Year’s Resolutions to become organized, the storage boxes were 50% off. (To save even more, you could purchase a unpainted box and paint it yourself.)

While I was at the store, I some Modge Podge. What is Modge Podge you ask? In summary, it is a clear glue that you can use to paste photos onto objects. I decided to get a small bottle so I could paste Bruce Wayne’s Santa photos onto the box. I honestly only get Bruce Wayne’s Santa photos for my personal collection. I do not give them out so I had a bunch and what better way to showcase them than to put them on this holiday card box. Now, this box not only doubles as a storage container, but I can bring it back out during the next holiday season as a photo frame of sorts.

Next, I bought some glittery letter and number stickers. Because, glitter makes everything better. ;-) You can decide what you want to have written on your box, but be sure to get number stickers so that you can easily see the year and decipher which box is which in the future years. Then, I bought some Christmas inspired stickers (again with glitter) to add some flare to the box. I wanted this box to scream Christmas!

In all, this box costed about $18.00 to craft. However, it is completely personalized to my liking and even showcases Bruce Wayne’s Santa photos. I hope that this inspires you to craft your own box for whatever cards you may have laying around that you do not want to throw away, but are running out of room to store. Happy Crafting! :-)