Bruce Wayne's Medical Journey, Part II

We’ve had some amazing support from our friends reaching out to us to ask about Bruce Wayne’s health. I figured I’d write a Part II post about Bruce Wayne’s medical journey to give everyone one update since I have some test results.

First, again, we can’t thank everyone enough for the likes, comments and DM’s reaching out to us to not only check on Bruce Wayne, but to also lend us their support.

I just talked to Bruce Wayne’s veterinarian, Dr. Zulty, this morning. Dr. Zulty stated that his test results show that Bruce Wayne has a rare atypical form of Addison’s Disease. Addison’s is a complicated disease that can often mimic other problems or symptoms so diagnosing Addison’s can be tricky. Diagnosing Atypical Addison’s is even tougher. You can google “Addison’s Disease” to see exactly what it is (it’s too long and complicated for me to try and explain in a way that even I can understand). However, long story short with Atypical Addison’s Disease and in Bruce Wayne’s case is that his body is not producing enough cortisol hormones.  This means that his body cannot handle stress the way that most dogs can. Again, you can google “Atypical Addison’s Disease in dogs” to learn more. Obviously, since I am not an expert on the subject and still learning about it myself, I do not want to pass on any incorrect information.

What does this all mean? Well, it explains why Bruce Wayne is so lethargic and has an on and off again appetite. Unfortunately, it also means that he will need lifetime care and treatment. Right now he is on a very low dosage of Prednisone once a day. Next week, he will go in for an ultrasound so that his vet can take a look at his adrenal glands and check for any lumps, bumps or tumors (prayers appreciated for negative results).

We may not be taking our usual funny, creative photos, as the goal with Addison’s and Atypical Addison’s is to help reduce the stress levels as much as possible. The next few weeks will be a new journey and I’ll have to see how he responds to situations with the help of the Prednisone. Obviously, Bruce Wayne’s health is my number 1 concern.

I’m not telling you that you should be running out to your vet’s office demanding an ACTH test or anything, but I’m sharing my experiences with you so that you can keep it in the back of your mind. As I said, Addison’s and Atypical Addison’s can mimic many different illnesses, so it may be up to you, as the pet parent, to keep pushing your vet to do more testing to get to the bottom of any illnesses. A Chihuahua with Addison’s is almost unheard of; a Chihuahua with Atypical Addison’s is even crazier; and a young Chihuahua with Atypical Addison’s is just bizarre. As my vet put it best “some dogs just don’t read or follow the textbooks” LOL!

Again, thank you for your support, prayers and love! I may not be able to get back to every single comment (I’m not perfect and I sometimes do miss a few), but I read all your lovely words to Bruce Wayne. We feel your love! :-)

Thank you @bittdogoflove for Bruce Wayne's handmade Batman blanket!

Thank you @bittdogoflove for Bruce Wayne's handmade Batman blanket!

Our next update will be after we get the results back from his ultrasound next week.