Chewy Influencer - August, 2016

For this month’s Chewy Influencer program, we decided to go with the Nature’s Variety Raw Market Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Blends and the Frisco Dog Poop Bags. There were many wonderful choices that Chewy provided this month, however, in the end, these were the two that we thought we’d get the most use out of. Funny, because we’ve seen many of our friends pick the same products. :-)

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Market - (retail value $26.99 for 1.0 lb) That may sound like a terrible deal, however, keep in mind that freeze-dried raw food is always incredibly light since it’s been freeze-dried. When added to the proper amount of water, this bag will make 4 pounds of food. The flavor we picked is the beef recipe, as beef is Bruce Wayne’s favorite protein.

Oh where to start? I picked this as I had very high hopes for it. I really like the Nature’s Variety brand; I love the customer service I’ve always received from them; and they are super convenient to find at Petsmart and Pet Valu. I was hopeful that this could be another option to use when we travel with Bruce Wayne since when he’s home he eats raw and it’s not always ideal to pack the raw for us.

I followed the directions as they state, which is like most freeze-dried raw formulas: add water, stir and serve. I did wait a few extra minutes to give the food time to soak up the water. Needless to say, Bruce Wayne was not a fan. He smelled it and seemed interested, but did not eat it until I got down on the floor and acted like I was going to eat his food. Even then, he did not eat it all, which is unusual for Bruce Wayne. Usually, once he starts, he’ll finish his bowl.

The video above is Bruce Wayne’s “first impression” of the food. As you can see, he looks like he might try it, but then after further sniffing, backs away. It took another 15 minutes for him to even walk up to the bowl again. :-( For reference, Bruce Wayne is an extremely picky eater and is used to his raw food. When he does eat freeze-dried, so far, I’ve noticed his favorite to be Primal or Vital Essentials. If your dog isn’t too picky, I’m sure they would like the Nature’s Variety Raw Market. Our Instagram friend @jordyonpoint absolutely loved this food, so we will be sending Jordy our bag so that it does not go to waste.

Frisco Waste Bag Dispenser w/ 15 bags - (retail value $2.99) The second product I picked was the Frisco waste bags. Not going to lie, when I picked this product, I thought Chewy was going to be sending us the box of bags, as that’s what was shown, however, when we got the product, it was the dispenser with 1 roll of bags (15 bag count). But no complaints here, because free is free and we can use it all, lol. I will always choose to get waste bags whenever I can since we use them so much on walks and daily activities. If I knew exactly which house all my neighbors with dogs lived in, I’d put a roll on their front porch, as we have negligent neighbors that don’t always clean up after their dogs on walks. :-(

Anyway, on to the review. I would say these are your typical waste bags. They are right in line with the big name brands like Earth Rated and such. The only disappointing part for me is that they are not biodegradable like Earth Rated. However, they are durable; come in scents or unscented; and are cheaper than most brand name bags. A box of 900 bags with 2 dispensers are only $20.99 on, while Earth Rated sells for $36.49 for 900 bags. For how durable and easy to separate the Frisco bags are, I’d say they are well worth it.

As always, I love being part of the Chewy family. This program gives us a great chance to try new products without risking spending a lot of money on them. If you are interested in possibly joining the Chewy Influencer program, please feel free to reach out to us and we will send you their contact information for the program.

*The Fine Print* Bruce Wayne is a member of the Chewy Influencer program. In exchange for our honest reviews, Chewy sends us free products to try.