Chewy Influencer - July, 2016

As some of you may or may not know, we are apart of the “Chewy Influencer” program. Each month, Chewy sends us an email with a short list of products we can pick to try for free. In return, we post a picture and short review of those products we have picked to try.

When we first started the program, we only posted on Instagram. I’ve decided to post our Chewy Influencer products on our blog as well, so we could give a more detailed review and better pictures of the products.

The first item we choose this month was the Orijen Dog Treats. When I saw these Orijens treats on the list, I knew I would be picking these for Bruce Wayne. We first tried Orijen treats when our friend Mason (@mason_thechihuahua) sent Bruce Wayne the angus beef flavor for his birthday and he absolutely loved them! I love that they have limited ingredients, which always only include the meat, bones and organs. There is never any salt or fillers added. We received the “Original Dog” flavor from Chewy, which Bruce Wayne has never had. The original flavor is chicken, turkey and wild-caught flounder. Without fail, Bruce Wayne has fallen in love with the original ones as well. They are small enough for a good treat size for Bruce Wayne, but even better for larger dogs, as they would make for a great training treat as well. The treats are semi-chewy so they are very easy to break apart, but they do crumble a bit. Overall, we love these treats and would defiently order them from again.

The second item we chose is the Kong Cat Wobbler. Yes, a CAT wobbler. Bruce Wayne loves cat toys. I think usually it’s because of their small size and he loves the fur that are usually found on the mice sold in stores. I figured that this would be a good way to show our fellow friends with small dogs that they are not limited to the dog section when shopping for toys. I also choose this toy, as I wanted to explore interactive toys for Bruce Wayne. He doesn’t have many, but I wanted him to have to “work” for his treats to exercise his mind. Jokes on me. This Kong Cat Wobbler is huge, lol. I couldn’t believe it was for a cat, as it measures about 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide at the base. As you can see, from our pictures, the cat wobbler stands about as tall as Bruce Wayne. I was hopeful that Bruce Wayne would be intrigued and want to play with this, however, he didn’t really seem to take much interest. The video below shows Bruce Wayne’s “first impression” of the Kong Cat Wobbler. Bruce Wayne wanted to play with the furry tail portion, however, that is where his interest stopped. He certainly knew the treats were inside, as he tried licking them through the opening, but had no real interest in moving it to get them out.

Overall, I’m glad we tried both products, as Bruce Wayne loved the Orijen Dog Treats.  Even though Bruce Wayne did not enjoy the Kong Cat Wobbler as much as I would have liked, it still provided good insight as to which interactive toys I should look into for Bruce Wayne. While this wasn’t the ideal interactive toy for him, I believe this would be a fun toy for a large cat or medium to large size dog. Remember, just because it has the word “cat” doesn’t mean that dogs can’t have fun with it too! ;-)