Friday Friends Series - Coco

Everyone thinks they are spoiled rotten, but this lady’s picture is right next to the definition if there was a dog dictionary! :-) Please allow me to introduce you to our next Friday Friends Series friend, Coco (@crazycoco_bcmix)



If you follow Coco on Instagram (which you should), you’ll see just how much her Mom, Carina, spoils her rotten. I kind of think she has a direct secret tube that delivers items straight from the Chewy warehouse into her home, lol. However, don’t think for a second that Coco and her Mom are anything but the kindest friends around. Just as much as Carina spoils Coco, she gives back to animals and friends in need 10x more! These ladies are always supporting fundraisers and rescues, but you probably wouldn’t even know it. They always graciously support, but aren’t ones to flaunt it, so unless you’re stalking pages, you probably wouldn’t see all the behind the scenes charity work that they do. :-)

We wanted to learn more about Coco and introduce her to some new friends, so we asked her Mom to answer some “hard hitting” questions for us to get to know Coco a little better. ;-)

1) How old is Coco and when did you bring Coco into your home?

Coco is 2 yrs old. I brought her home on July 28th 2014, (she was about 3.5 months old) the day I was talked into going to look at her. I wasn't ready to even start looking at dogs just yet. It had only been 3 months since Jackie's passing & I decided to pay off the debt from that night's emergency vet visit first. My best friends daughter talked me into it & took me to look at her. Right away I knew the living situation wasn't for this puppy, not would she get the attention & exercise she needed. There were 4 adult dogs, 3 cats & a kitten...and Coco, being trampled & pushed around by the older dogs. I just couldn't leave her there, so I said yes. I took her in my arms with a huge knot in my stomach & went to Wal-Mart to get a few essentials...needless to say I had totally & completely fallen in love with her by the third day. (I became her third owner & forever home).

2) We know you like to hike and go on adventures. What, in your opinion, has been Coco's favorite adventure?

I would have to say the Monkey Face hike was her favorite spot. It's a huge area, several acres of nature to hike, run, bike and walk. Dogs are allowed off leash & a huge pond to fish & dogs to play in. Coco absolutely loved running in the pond & swimming. She loved meeting other pups & humans at her own leisure (dog parks intimidate her).

3) Coco seems very brave. Is there anything that scares Coco or anything she might not be a fan of?

Coco is afraid of swimming pools, which is crazy to me because she loves swimming. But I also haven't had the opportunity to take her in a swimming pool either. So this summer I plan on tackling that.. .The man in our lives has a newly restored pool & I'm hoping once she sees me in it she'll be willing to give it a try. Only time will tell.

4) Is there anything that Coco does that you haven't been able to capture in a photo or video yet, but wish you could share?

Coco is quite the talker & can have a bit of an attitude if you can believe that . Either my phone isn't handy or when I try to record her talking she stops, it's as if she knows & won't do it even when I ask her. Lol stinker.

5) We always see Coco being spoiled with toys and treats :-) What would you say is her favorite toy? Treat?

Spoiled indeed, besides her daily Whimzees that she absolutely loves, bully sticks are definite her favorite!! She only gets them as a special treat, after a long hike or a grooming day. She goes crazy for them & runs throughout the house with it in her mouth whimpering & tries to find a spot to bury it. Then she gives in & goes to town on it.

6) What made you decide to start an Instagram account for Coco?

I would post lots of pics of Coco on my IG account @koona27 and then it became all about Coco, lol. When we reached 700+ followers and prob 85% of them being animal accounts I decided it was time to change the account name & start mine over (I only had about 150+ followers) I made the change on our 1 yr anniversary of being together. It was time.

7) Do you have any plans of having any more fur babies join your family?

At one point I was really pondering the thought. I even went to the shelter to look at a young pup I had seen on the petfinder website. He was being adopted as I walked in the door. I decided it just wasn't meant to be. But the man in my life & his daughter have two small dogs that Coco & I adore, they all get along well & it fulfills my needs for a small dog. They love to cuddle & Coco isn't much of a cuddler. So currently I feel that our lil family is complete & we get our doses of puppy kisses & cuddles when we go to "Daddy's" house. The best of both worlds!

We’d like to thank Coco and her Mom for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope our friends go follow Coco on Instagram (@crazycoco_bcmix). You’ll be sure to have a new lifelong friend that truly cares about you and your pup :-) Tell them Bruce Wayne sent you …. Just because it sounds funny!

Stay tuned as we bring you another Friday Friends Series in 2 weeks. (Next Friday will be another Freebie Friday giveaway).