Bruce Wayne's 2nd Birthday Recap

So this post is only about 4 months late …. That’s winning for us! :-( lol.

Being that it is National Best Friends Day, I thought I’d share a recap of Bruce Wayne’s 2nd birthday party bash since most of Bruce Wayne’s best friends attended.

For those that are new, Bruce Wayne turned the big 2 on February 5th. Since we only have a few friends that live near our hometown in Maryland, we decided to have his birthday party in New York City since we have a bunch of friends that live in the tri-state area.

I knew that I wanted to have it at a nice pet-friendly place and being that it was in February, it would have to be indoors. With that in mind and not knowing the city very well, we hired dog party planner Puppy Parties NYC. Yes, you read it right, there are party planners that strictly plan dog events! It may sound silly, but I highly recommend it. A dog party planner does exactly what party planners for humans do: design invites, set-up and decorate the space, entertain your guests and clean-up! :-) Since I used this party as a mini vacation for Bruce Wayne and I, I knew that I didn’t want to be at the venue hours before and after setting up and tearing it all down. I wanted to come in when it started and leave when it ended. Also, I really wanted to mingle with our guests. These are friends that we talk to regularly on Instagram, but hadn’t necessarily met in person, so I didn’t want to have to keep an eye on the clock to keep on schedule.

I decided to have Bruce Wayne’s party at the D Pet Hotel in Chelsea, NY. I don’t know much about Chelsea, but I loved the online photos we saw of the boutique pet hotel. The nice part was that it was during the evening hours, so technically the hotel was closed except for overnight guests who were in their “rooms”.

Since the party was in NY, I didn’t want to be driving back and forth the same day to and from Maryland, so I decided to find a pet-friendly hotel and make a weekend out of it. On recommendation of the party planner, we stayed at Kimpton Hotel - Eventi, which we highly recommend! They treated Bruce Wayne like a king, including having fruit, champagne and a lovely hand-written note waiting for us in our room.

Party Time! We had so much fun meeting our Instagram friends in person and all the dogs seemed to have a great time. We had friends from NY, NJ, PA and even our good friend Pablo, who lives 20-25 minutes from us in MD made the trip up to NYC to celebrate with us! :-) It was mostly mingling and picture taking (come on, what did you expect from a bunch of Instagram dogs, lol). We did attempt to play a game, but most of the dogs weren’t interested and wanted to sniff each other instead. About an hour or so into the party, we sang Happy Birthday to Bruce Wayne and took some group photos. I didn’t have Bruce Wayne open his gifts at the party, as I wanted to have more time for everyone to mingle and have fun rather than watch us open presents. We took them back to the hotel and opened them there.

Below are some pictures of our wonderful friends at Bruce Wayne’s birthday party. Because I was a chit chatting too much, I didn’t get nearly as many photos of Bruce Wayne with his friends as I would’ve liked too. I meant to post them all right away, but like I always do, I got sidetracked :-( I’ve also included everyone’s Instagram name so that you can go give them a follow and make a new friend. I personally guarantee that they are all incredibly awesome! :-) Sadly, we weren't able to sneak pictures with our good friends Molly, (@mollythechihuahua62), Lily (@thereallilychi), or Daisy (@daisytheshipoo)

@princess_ariel_and_alana; @itsmisterbarclay; @flintstonepups; @papi_the_cute_chihuahua; @dressedbyfinn

@princess_ariel_and_alana; @itsmisterbarclay; @flintstonepups; @papi_the_cute_chihuahua; @dressedbyfinn

@ninjadoogie; @therealpablochihuahua

@ninjadoogie; @therealpablochihuahua

We had so much fun that we will definitely be celebrating Bruce Wayne’s 3rd birthday with our Instagram friends again, but we aren’t quite sure what city it will be in next year. If anyone has any suggestions, Bruce Wayne is all ears …. Literally, lol.

Hope all our friends have been enjoying National Best Friends Day! Who is your best friend? We would love to meet some new Instagram and Facebook friends! :-)