Product Review & Bath Time "Fun"

Let me start off by saying, I hardly ever give Bruce Wayne a bath. 1) I don’t like to be the “bad guy” and 2) he needs haircuts, which is why he goes to the groomers for his baths and cuts. Since Bruce Wayne is mostly an inside dog and quite the diva (he doesn’t like getting dirty or wet), I don’t have to bathe him nearly as much as some of our friends have to do.

With that being said …. I gave Bruce Wayne a bath (lol). While we were in Philadelphia for the taping of American Ninja Warrior, he got a few little bug bites on his chest (I don’t think they were mosquito bites since they were very small and were not itchy, but more like gnat bites).  The taping was held overnight (sundown to sunrise), it was located near the waterfront district and there were lots of bright lights, so there were literally thousands of little flying bugs. The bites never seemed to bother Bruce Wayne and they went down as quickly as they popped up, however, there were 2 small ones that Bruce Wayne started licking the other day. (I believe that it was because they were healing, as they both had the tiniest scabs over them about the size of a safety pin hole and we all know that scabs can be itchy). Therefore, I figured this was a perfect time to try the soap we received in our June PoochPerks box, the Derma Pooch Spa Therapy.

Just a little information on the soap - it is made by Silk Roads Oils, Inc. This company makes and sells many different soaps and oils all based around aromatherapy. So if your dog or cat has any skin issues that you want to try treating holistically before using medications, this seems like a shop you might want to browse. The soap we got from PoochPerks was the “Derma Pooch Spa Therapy” bar and is described on the website as:

The finest in all-natural pooch therapy soap. Using the finest blend of saponified oils of rice bran, coconut, shea butter, palm kernel, wheat germ and jojoba; colloidal oatmeal; essential oils of lavender, patchouli, rosewood, carrot seed and other essential oils to gently cleanse your dog's fur and skin. It soothes itchy, flaky skin and enriches dry fur, leaving a soft, silky, shiny coat and light scent. Easier to use than a shampoo; just hold the bar and scrub - lasts longer too!

Since it claims to soothe itchy skin, I figured I’d give it a try on Bruce Wayne since his licking and itching was minimal.

Our Review. First off, I gave Bruce Wayne a bath in the sink this time as opposed to in the tub, which I had done previous times. The sink seemed to work for our friends Pablo (@therealpablochihuahua) and Chloe Elle (@dbduca) and it was definitely much easier! (Duh, why did I never think of doing that?!) The soap has a powerful scent (not bad), but it’s like walking into a Lush store. You can definitely smell the lavender. I tried it as the directions said - “hold the bar and scrub”. I put it right up to Bruce Wayne’s body and started scrubbing. It is easy to lather, but if you have a small dog this method doesn’t work so well, as it’s hard to get a big soap bar in between the legs and such on a small dog. Overall, the soap itself was easy to work with and gave a nice thick lather.

Rinsing the soap off was quite easy. Even though the lather was thick, it wasn’t hard to rinse off Bruce Wayne. The only down part was that Bruce Wayne didn’t initially feel “silky smooth” as he does right after I rinse the soap off with his normal shampoo.

After I dried him off, I noticed that the scent had basically disappeared and the only scent I got was wet dog, so that was a bit disappointing since the bar itself had a strong scent. About an hour after his bath, I brushed Bruce Wayne’s hair and noticed it didn’t feel very soft. I was very disappointed, as Bruce Wayne is naturally super soft and he is often complimented on his soft coat.

I would say about 3 hours after his bath, I noticed that his coat was becoming his usual super soft coat again. I’m no grooming expert, so I’m not sure what happens during the dry off period and a few hours later, but whatever, I was excited to have my soft baby back. I also noticed that he had a soft scent to him. I would describe the scent as a soap smell, neither bad or good, just soapy, which is always better than wet dog.

Best part of it all was that Bruce Wayne had stopped licking his chest, which was my mission to begin with. So overall, I do like this soap. If your dog has severe allergies or skin dermatitis, I don’t think this soap would be the cure, but if your dog is licking a little bit and maybe just has some pollen on him/her, or a tiny bug bite like Bruce Wayne did, I would say give it a try since it worked for us! :-) If you’re looking for a powerful yummy scent for your dog, this wouldn’t be for you, but I don’t think dogs enjoy walking around smelling like a glade plugin either.

If you are interested in trying this soap or any of the other aromatherapy products offered by Silk Road Oils, Inc., you can head to their website by clicking here. (We are not sponsored or affiliated with Silk Roads Oils, Inc. in any way. We just like to share products that have worked for us with our friends).

If  you have tried any of Silk Road Oils, Inc. products, let me know, as there were a few oils I found interesting and would like to know if they worked for any of our friends.