Cleaning Out Bruce Wayne's Closet Giveaway

What do we do with all the stuff that Bruce Wayne receives in his subscription boxes that he either cannot eat or are too big for him? …. It goes into our closet. If you ask my family, they would say I’m a hoarder of dog items, lol.  Most of the time, we donate them to our veterinarian's office, as they participate in a few different charity organizations, including one to help dogs that have homeless owners. However, since we have quite the stockpile and Bruce Wayne hasn’t had to go to his vet for a while (knock on wood), we’ve decided to give away 2 items (at least) every week or so to a follower that reads our “Bruce Wayne’s News” section on our Instagram posts.

Every once in awhile, within our caption of our Instagram posts, I include a small section entitled “Bruce Wayne’s News”. Our “news” is simply a way to let you know what’s going on in our world i.e. we wish friends a happy birthday here, thank pages that have featured Bruce Wayne, mention any contests we are co-hosting and list our discount codes that we want to share with our followers. Now, we will adding a “Cleaning out Bruce Wayne’s Closet” secret code word. ;-)

The ultimate goal is to get more friends to read our “news” so that you can wish fellow Instagram dogs a happy birthday or enter a contest you may have missed the flyer for. Each “Cleaning Out Bruce Wayne’s Closet” contest will run for 1 week. It will start and end on different days. You will have to pay attention to our “news” for the code word, as there’s no set date when I will post it. Basically, I am rewarding our followers for reading our news! :-)

Once I’ve posted the code word for that week’s contest, you will have one week to come back on our site to our “Giveaway/Contests” page to see what that week’s giveaway is. Within the comment section of that week’s post, comment the secret code word along with your Instagram name or email address. All qualified entries will be put into a random drawing and the winner will be announced on our “news” section on Instagram and posted on our giveaway post.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION - The first “Cleaning Out Bruce Wayne’s Closet is starting soon! ;-)

These contests will be open to U.S. residents only at this time or anyone that has a U.S. mailing address. Thank you and good luck. Feel free to contact us with any questions.