Friday Friends Series - The Real Pablo Chihuahua

What’s better than finding adorable same-breed friends on Instagram? Finding out they also live in your home state! :-) This is exactly the case with our Friday Friends Series spotlight friend, Pablo The Chihuahua (@therealpablochihuahua).

We become friends with this adorable tiny guy on Instagram and soon after learning they lived about 20 minutes away from us, we had a play date last summer. The first meeting didn’t go exactly as planned, Pablo was a ball of energy and all Bruce Wayne was interested in doing was napping, lol. However, Pablo’s mom, Kristen, and I became quick friends. Since our playdate, we’ve gotten the boys together a few times and each time Pablo has become more and more friendly towards Bruce Wayne. (For those that do not know Pablo, he is a tiny 3 pound Chihuahua. Often, small dogs, like Pablo, have a lot of anxiety that their Mom and/or Dad continuously help them overcome.)

Pablo and his momma were kind enough to answer some questions for us so that we could all get to know Pablo a little better. Enjoy! :-)

1) How old is Pablo and when did you two become a dynamic duo?  

Pablo turned 3 at the end of December and we have been together since he was about 18 weeks old (roughly).

2) What are some of Pablo's favorite activities?  

Pablo's favorite activities include: chilling in the stroller, chasing birds in the yard, people/dog watching out the window, and of course.... getting dirty.

3) Knowing Pablo, we know he's a tiny fellow. How has his size been a benefit or disadvantage for him?  

A little bit of both, honestly!  His size is a great advantage for taking him wherever I go.  He has been on planes and in many places most pups can't go because of his size ;)  The disadvantage is my nerves, really.  I am more concerned about him getting hurt, eating something he shouldn't and taking him to the vet to get shots, etc.  Things effect him more easily due to his tiny stature.  He definitely doesn't let it stop him!  He goes up and down the stairs, jumps on the sofa and climbs all over the furniture!

4) What are some of Pablo's favorite toys?  

Pablo loves stuffed toys.  He likes them to be either very small or 3 times his size!  He got a lamb around Easter that is enormous and he drags it all around the house.  He is also known for humping the larger toys.... boys!

5) We've gotten to see your extravagant stroller decor. Has Pablo realized that he has a pimped out stroller? What would you say his favorite and/or most hated stroller themes have been?   

Oh he definitely notices when I change up the stroller décor.  I have found that I can't put any flags or large signs on it.  He doesn't seem to like those too much.  The lights and garland don't seem to bother him though.  I think for the most part he doesn't care what I do to it as long as he can hang out in there ALL THE TIME!  It is his favorite place to be..... As long as Flat Pablo isn't sharing the space ;)

6) What made you decide to start an Instagram account for Pablo?  

I decided to start his Instagram account because he has SO much personality.  He makes me laugh every day and I thought he might be able to bring smiles to others, too!  Plus, my own personal IG account was pretty much becoming all pictures of him anyway and my friends were teasing me. ;)

7) Is there anything cute, funny, or bad that Pablo does that you haven't been able to catch on film yet, but would like to share?  

Oh yes!  Whenever there is chicken in the kitchen, it doesn't matter where he is in the house, he comes running.  Sometimes he is so fast it is like he has magically appeared in the kitchen.  He also makes the funniest sound effects when he eagerly inhales any small pieces of chicken he gets.  One other thing that I always wish I could capture is when he stands on his hind legs and jumps around to beg.

We would like to thank Pablo and his mom, Kristen, for taking the time to answer our questions and be our Friday Friend of the Week. We’d love if you gave this handsome fella a follow on Instagram (@therealpablochihuahua or click or any of the pictures in this post), we promise you’ll find him just as entertaining as we do!

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight some of our favorite Instagram friends! :-)