Do You Have What it Takes to be a Brand Rep?!

Bruce Wayne has been lucky enough to be a model and brand rep for Dressed by Finn for about a year now.  Within the past few months, Bruce Wayne has also become a model and brand rep for their business partner, Addie Brands.  Currently, Dressed by Finn and Addie Brands are hosting their "Next Top Model" search which closes on April 15, 2016.;;

We have been asked a few times on our Instagram account for hints, tips or suggestions on how to be picked as Dressed by Finn and Addie Brand's next Brand Rep., so I figured I'd create this post to try and help any hopefuls.

When I first entered Dressed by Finn's (hereinafter, "DBF") "Brand Rep Contest", our account only had about 2,000 followers and Bruce Wayne had extremely long ear hair.  I was that Mom that refused to cut her son's hair!  However, DBF saw past the crazy ear hair and lack of huge following and picked Bruce Wayne to be one of four Brand Reps.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to read that Bruce Wayne had been picked, so I understand what you're going through and the questions you have. 

The following are some tips that I've put together for any hopefuls.  You can take them or leave them, we truly wish you all luck! 

  1. Buy Something! - We only model and represent items/brands that we truly like and believe in. Therefore, if you truly like it, why wouldn't you be willing to invest in it? Both DBF and Addie Brands are picking 4 models, in which 2 will be customers.  Why not up your chances? I bought a shirt from DBF and used it as a way to show that I was committed to representing their brand. To this day, even though we receive items from both companies, I still buy items.  We pre-purchased their "Heart of Gold" shirt and buy shirts we donate as contest prizes.  With the search coming to an end next week, even if you do not receive the item in time, you can still make a creative post of your dog ordering the shirt.
  2. Be Creative! - Don't just repost their "Next Top Model" post.  Show that you can be creative with your post. I honestly believe that is what helped DBF choose my small account when they did. You have to be able to show something outside of the normal dog in a t-shirt.  Show the companies that you can also keep a reader intrigued.  So often followers just look at a picture and skip reading the caption. Show them that you can keep the reader reading till the end of your post. 
  3. Be Faithful! - I can't speak directly for DBF or Addie Brands, but if I saw an account trying to be a brand rep for a bunch of companies that sold dog clothing, I'd have to wonder if they really want to represent my company, or if they are just looking to get free shit! When I went after the DBF model position, I made a clear choice to not try and win any other modeling contests for dog clothing. Again, if you truly love the companies, this shouldn't be a hard decision to make. 
  4. Work Hard, Keep At It! - Lots of pups are trying to get picked.  Therefore, you have to standout.  Don't just enter/tag one picture, tag as many as you think are worthy.  Also, be active! Keep up with DBF's and Addie Brands activities so it shows that you are interested in what they've got going on regarding events, sales, etc. 

I hope that some of these tips help you and I truly wish you all luck! If you are lucky enough to be picked as a Brand Rep for either company, you will not regret it.  The owners of both companies are extremely passionate about their brands and will show you the same respect!  Please, feel free to use the "Contact Us" form or shoot us an email at if you have any further questions.  We are always happy to help!  

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