Friday Friends Series - Papi The Cute Chihuahua



For our first Friday Friends series, I’d like to introduce you to Bruce Wayne’s best friend on Instagram, Papi (@papi_the_cute_chihuahua)! We first “met” Papi and his wonderful mother, Barbara, on Instagram around the time we first signed up on the social media platform. Naturally, we began following each other since we both had a deep love for our dogs and other Chihuahuas.  What I wasn’t expecting was the wonderful and amazing friendship that has grown out of a simple follow on Instagram.

If you do not know Papi and Barbara, you need to go give him a follow! They are the kindest, sweetest, most caring and loyal friends you could find. Their friendship goes beyond liking a cute photo. If you are lucky enough to become friends with Papi and Barbara, you’ve made a great friend for life that will not only love your pup as much as you do, but care about you outside of this social media crazed world. It’s not unheard of for me to get a text from Barbara asking how Bruce Wayne, myself and/or my family are doing. She truly cares about all her friends.

Papi also has a beautiful 10 year-old Labrador Retriever sister, Rain.  Rain has been through some recent health concerns, but has been able to make a full recovery undoubtedly because of the love and compassion from both Barbara and Papi.



We asked Barbara to answer a few questions about Papi so that our friends that do not yet follow Papi can learn about him. And if you already do follow Papi, hopefully, you’ll learn something that you maybe didn’t know about our fluffy, handsome friend! :-) (In a few places, you’ll read fun facts I have put in when there was something Barbara said about Papi that is very similar to Bruce Wayne.)

Q1) When did you get Papi and how old is he?

A1) We got Papi on June 15, 2009 at the age of 5 months. Now he is 7 years old! (Fun Fact: I got Bruce Wayne when he was 5 months old too!!)

Q2) What made you decide to get a Chihuahua?

A2) I grew going to dog shows and always thought that Chihuahua's were a cute breed, but never did I imagine that I would someday own one. Our good friend who bred Chihuahua's had Papi in one of his litters. He was the pick of the litter for the males, and he wanted to show him, but Papi unfortunately, but lucky for me, was missing one of his tennis balls, lol. He gave us a call, knowing that we had inquired with him in the past about getting a Chihuahua, and we took him the very next day, sight unseen. I'll never forget the first time I saw him, how cute he was, and he had such a funny personality. At the time I had 8 dogs, 5 Labradors and 3 Pugs. I really thought Papi would be intimidated by all of these dogs, but boy was I wrong!

Q3)  What is a typical day like for Papi?

A3) He gets his lazy ass out of bed at 6am during the week. I actually have to drag him out of my bed. He goes out to the bathroom, then we walk down driveway to get the paper. We then go in the house, I get my coffee and then I feed Papi and Rain their breakfast. While I'm preparing their breakfast, both Papi and Rain are chewing on Benebones, side by side. After that we go upstairs to the kitchen, where he just hangs out until I leave for work. Everyday when I come there are at least 8-10 scattered through the living room. I purposely put them away every night, just to find more toys the next day moved around. I really need to set up a cam, I would love to know what he's doing when I'm gone during the day! He must have close to 100 toys by now (thanks to Barbox and PawPal with Annie), but I'll tell you, he really plays with all of them! I don't think there is a particular favorite either. He's usually settled in his bed (on my bed) by 8pm or so.

Q4)  What is Papi's favorite thing to do?

A4) Hiding Cookies! Everyday, without fail, he take the 2 little cookies I give him and hides them. We have found cookies in shoes, the closets, in the dome (you now, the one he only sits on) and his most favorite place to hide them is in his toy box. One time we found 12 cookies hidden within his toys! (Fun Fact: I have had to stop giving Bruce Wayne any editable bones, as he would walk around with them crying and whimpering looking for the perfect place to hide it. Ultimately, I felt like it was giving him more anxiety than pleasure, but it sounds like Papi has this game mastered!)

Q5)  What made you decide to start an Instagram account for Papi?

A5) My sister in Colorado told me about Instagram, she said "you'll like it better than Facebook"! Little did I know that in year he would have so many friends and followers. This is also how we met you! (referencing Bruce Wayne and myself) I remember each one of us didn't even have 100 followers when we met, and we instantly became Besties.

Q6)  What's the best thing you like about running a dog account on Instagram?

A6) The meeting of new friends! I feel such a connection to some of these people, some I have met in person, and others I have not, but I feel like I've known them forever. We text, DM, and tell each other the things that are going on in our lives. I look forward to checking on my instagram friends, making sure that they are alright, maybe wishing them happy birthday, or just saying hi...

Q7)  Is there anything unique/funny/special that Papi does that we do not already know?  Or that we wouldn't expect?

A7) Well, he's an amazing singer, believe it or not. Whenever anyone sings in the house he just throws his head up in the air and sings (aka howls, lol). Its pretty funny. He absolutely loves everyone, and I think he thinks he's a Great Dane, not afraid of any dog! He loves going for walks in his stroller, he even loves to bike ride. I have a carrier that attaches to the bike, he loves it! But he hates the car, thunder and lighting and he's scared of fireworks.



We’d like to thank Papi and Barbara for taking the time to answer our questions.  We hope everyone enjoyed getting to know Papi a little bit more! :-) We would love if you gave this handsome boy a follow on Instagram (@papi_the_cute_chihuahua), we promise you'll love him too!



We hope you enjoyed our first Friday Friends series! We will be highlighting various friends of all sizes, colors and breeds, so keep an eye out to see who is next!