Chewy Influencer - December, 2016

I feel like every month I write about our Chewy Influencer pick for the month, I always start by saying how great of a list of items Chewy gave us to choose from. This month is no different. Yet again, Chewy sent us an amazing list of items, however, when we saw Benebone on the list, I knew that’s what I’d be picking.

Most of the time, I like to use the Chewy Influencer program as a way to try other products that we haven’t tried yet, but are curious about. But, being that it is the holiday season and Bruce Wayne really loves his Benebones, I figured I’d pick something I know he truly loves.

If you are unfamiliar with Benebone, they are a family-owned business that makes nylon-based dog chews. The company members are so friendly and very active on social media. Be sure to follow their Instagram page @mybenebone, as every Monday you can win a box of Benebones to give to your favorite pet rescue/shelter and every Friday you can win a Benebone for your own dog.

Benebones contain natural flavorings such as bacon, peanuts or chicken to enhance your dog’s chewing experience. Benebones come in 3 different sizes: tiny (recommended for dogs under 30 pounds); regular (recommended for dogs up to 60 pounds and under); or Jumbo (recommended for dogs up to 100 pounds and under). We had requested the tiny Benebone from Chewy, however, we were sent the jumbo, lol. No worries, as you can see in Bruce Wayne’s video below, that did not stop him. Big or small, he’ll chew them all!

As with any chew, there is risk of choking or ingesting pieces. Benebones are not intended to be ingested, so be sure to keep an eye on your pup. Luckily, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have very much chewing power, so this hasn’t been a problem for him yet. Despite his lack of chewing power, he absolutely loves to chew these hard chew toys.

Below is Bruce Wayne’s “review” of the Benebone he received. You can see why I call him the world’s slowest chewer, lol. He’s slow and takes the smallest bites, but it’s always so fun to watch him. :-) Even though he received the bigger Benebone, you can see it’s light enough even for him to pick up and drag around.

Benebones can be ordered from Chewy by clicking here. Chewy offers all the original Benebones, as well as the newer dental Benebones. I’ve ordered many other things from Chewy (including Benebones) and I can personally attest to their super fast shipping and amazing customer service. We’d love to see how your pup likes their Benebone, be sure to let us know and tag us in any Instagram photos so we can see. :-)

*Disclaimer* sent us this Benebone for free in exchange for our honest review and thoughts. Every dog is different and your dog may not chew as slow as Bruce Wayne. ;-)