Fun, Inexpensive Activity You Can Do With Your Dog!

Are you looking for a perfect gift to give to a dog lover in your life? Or just looking for a fun activity that you can do with your dog? Look no further. Paint your own custom pottery piece. :-)

I’m constantly looking for activities that I can do with Bruce Wayne besides the usual trip to the dog park and that’s not very costly. Being that it’s terribly cold and windy here now, he has no interest in even going to the dog park. Recently, I was browsing the internet looking for dog-friendly activities in my area (which are sadly few and far between in Baltimore). I came across a pottery store (Hot Pots) that showcased that you could bring your dog in and paint an ornament with their actual paw print on it. OMG. Yes, sign me up. There’s nothing I love more than custom Bruce Wayne pieces. I called and made sure that they were okay with Bruce Wayne actually coming into the store because, well, I live in Baltimore and Baltimore might be one of the most un-friendly dog places around. The employees verified it was okay and the next day we went in.

If you are new to pottery like me, don’t worry. The staff will explain the process in detail to you. Long story short, you pick out your piece(s), paint the piece(s) and leave your artwork there with the staff to fire and return the next week to pick up your finished glazed piece(s).

I went in with two pieces in mind. I knew I wanted Bruce Wayne’s paw prints on an ornament and I wanted a piece that I could put his paw print in my hand print. But that’s where my ideas stopped. I’m not a painter and I’m not very artistic (as you can probably see from our finished pieces). Don’t worry if you’re not an artist either. You have the option to have the talented staff lend their artistic skills and finish painting your piece for you after you’ve done your paw prints. I opted to just do it all myself. I wanted the first pieces to be completely our own and wanted Bruce Wayne’s paw prints to be focus point. Next time, I will definitely have the staff finish our pieces to help make it an actual artistic piece. (See our video at the end to watch Bruce Wayne laying down his paw prints in action.)

What you get in the end is a forever memory keepsake. I’ll always be able to look back at these pottery pieces, see Bruce Wayne’s paw prints and remember the funny time we had making these. No, they aren’t perfect. His paw prints actually came out extremely sloppy, however, to me, that’s what makes them perfect. They are perfectly imperfect! Embrace your imperfections and you’ll have a great, funny time with it.

Tips for a fun pottery time:

  • Bring your camera. There’s a high chance that while you are imprinting your dog’s paw print, he/she will do something funny. This way, you always can rewatch it and remember the good times.
  • Trim your dog’s underside of their paws. Clearly, you can see I didn’t and it came out quite messy since he has a ton of fur under his paws.

  • Go during the early morning during the weekday if you can. This is the quietest time in the pottery shop and that way you and your dog can stay focused on your project. Be sure to check your shop’s event calendar so you aren’t going in the same time during a girl scout outing.

  • If you see someone videoing their experience, don’t stand there while they are recording and talk to them entire time. Let them enjoy their experience together. I had to mute our video because a customer behind the camera would not stop telling us about her daughter. Have the courtesy to wait until they are finished recording their memory.

The pottery shop we went to (Hot Pots) is a independent shop. It is not a chain with multiple locations, however, there are tons of pottery paint shops throughout the country. They may have different names, but the premises is still the same. A quick Google search of “paint your own pottery” will locate pottery shops near you

The video below is Bruce Wayne’s paw autographing in action. Using a sponge is the best way to get the paint onto your dog’s paw so that he’s not covered in paint. We had so much fun and laughs with this, hope you do too! Thanks for watching.

We hope that we have inspired you and your furry friend to make some art together. If you do go and paint some pottery with your dog, please share it with us. We would love to see what you create!