Bruce Wayne is a GENIUS! And I have proof....

Have you ever wondered what makes your dog do the things they do? Ever wanted to know what determines why your dog does something that you think may be unique?

Now, there is finally a product that gives you those answers! I’m not talking about your everyday I.Q. dog test that is generically formed for all dog breeds. I am talking about a program that was developed by leading scientists, veterinarians, trainers and behaviorists to analyze your dog’s specific actions. All these wonderful groups of people came together to develop mini “games” that you can play with your dog to determine their cognitive style, or way of thinking!

Not only do you get an immediate assessment based on your dog’s performance, but you can sign up to receive new monthly games to keep your dog’s mind as healthy as their body. We, as dog parents, always try to keep our dog in peak physical shape, but isn’t it time we start exercising their minds as well?!

Why you need this in your life.

You can instantly view your dog’s cognitive profile. There are a total of 9 cognitive profiles. Each profile considers your dog’s daily characteristics and traits based on the responses from the games to form a detailed profile of your dog.

One of the biggest benefits that I found is that the mini games enforced the bond I have with Bruce Wayne. We already have such a strong connection, but I loved seeing and learning that our bond is just as strong as I believe it to be, as it is reinforced by scientific data. Playing these games with Bruce Wayne was just as fun for him as it was for me.

Tips for Beginners.

Dognition perfectly lays everything out for you to start. Before each game, Dognition will demonstrate in video and text exactly what you need to play and what you, as the human, needs to do. The video demonstrations were key for me, as I am a huge visual learner and seeing what I need to do is better for me than reading what I need to do.

Plan your days out. The Dognition assessment is extremely thorough. It is not a one and done game. You do certain games multiple times and there are multiple games in each category so that you get a well-rounded response from your dog. Just as humans, your dog’s answers to activities may vary throughout the games, which is key for obtaining their true traits. With this being said, do not expect to do this all in one day. You may want to block out an hour or two every few days to complete your profile depending on your dog.

For instance, it has taken us a few weeks to complete Bruce Wayne’s assessment. Why? First, the games involve a lot of treats (good for Bruce Wayne, but bad for his current health situation). Since he has to watch his daily fat intake, I had to spread the games out so that he didn’t get too many treats in one day. Secondly, Bruce Wayne is a small dog and can easily get overwhelmed. I wanted the games to be fun while still obtaining accurate results. I could see Bruce Wayne getting a little flustered at times. My mother’s dog (Bruce Wayne’s crazy Uncle Patches) could probably do it all in one day. Just be mindful while playing these games. A great benefit is that Dognition doesn’t put a time limit on your games. You can take them at your own dog’s pace since after all, you know them best.

There’s no wrong answers! One of the hardest things for me was to not try and sway Bruce Wayne based on the pitch of my voice and commands. You want true results and let’s be honest, every dog is perfect the way they are, so no there’s no need to try and sway your dog to get the “right answers” and be “perfect”. That’s exactly why I loved this assessment, Dognition reminds you throughout your assessment that there’s no such thing as a wrong answer. Just let your dog be themselves.

It’s much easier with the assistance of a partner. If you can have your spouse, partner, family member or friend help you with the games, that would be ideal. Most of the games are timed and you need someone to help hold your dog while you show him/her the treats. However, if you do not have a friend to lend a paw, no worries, check out the Dognition blog. They have helpful hints for people that are playing solo. I did the last set of reasoning games by myself and didn’t have any trouble. Granted, Bruce Wayne will stay still if I tell him to wait while I get set-up.

Our favorite game. As stated, there are many games based on which category you are working on. While Bruce Wayne probably loved the communication games most because he was rewarded with treats, I loved the empathy games. I always tell people we have a deep bond and connection. Now, I have the scientific data to back up my words. According to Bruce Wayne’s Dognition empathy testing scores, he was “off the charts”. I often joke on our Instagram account that Bruce Wayne hates me, but it’s just an ongoing joke. He really does love me and this proves it! :-)


Bruce Wayne’s final profile assessment.

Bruce Wayne is a ……. STARGAZER! :-) I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is a stargazer? A stargazer is defined by Dognition as:


I highlighted the parts of a Stargazer that I found hilariously awesome! I’ve always said that Bruce Wayne is “unique” and yes, I’ve even used the word “dull” to describe his personality to his veterinarian at times. I’m always very honest when describing Bruce Wayne’s behavior to his vet, as there is no reason to lie about it. It is great to know that there’s a reason for his unique ways. I’d have to say Dognition nailed it! Bruce Wayne is very anti-social and it is a struggle to get him to interact with other dogs. He truly fits his name of Bruce Wayne, lol.

Not only does Dognition tell you your dog’s personality profile assessment in general, it also breaks it down in great detail with graphs, comparisons and explanations of each game you played.

You can learn more about Bruce Wayne’s “Stargazer” cognitive profile here:

The Future.

Another amazing feature of Dognition is that you can sign up for monthly or yearly packages. Why sign up long-term? Dogs need mental stimulation and enrichment just like humans. With a monthly or yearly membership, Dognition offers you a new cognition game each month that you can play with your dog. Plus, you get custom activities and tips & tricks from experts. I love the thought of exercising his mind just as much as exercising his body.  

If you are interested in learning more about your dog’s cognitive thinking, you can do 1 of 2 things:

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If you have any questions, you can always ask me directly and I will be happy to help as much as possible.

If you do try Dognition and Embark, we would love to hear your results. Please email or DM us with your dog’s profile. Maybe are dogs are more alike than we think. ;-)


*Disclaimer* We were sent an Embark DNA test kit and access to Dognition for free in exchange for our honest opinions. We do NOT endorse anything we do not believe in. This is not a monetary sponsored post.