Chewy Influencer - September, 2016

For the September Chewy Influencer program, we chose The Honest Kitchen Wishes Dog and Cat Treat treats. These treats jumped out to me, as I’ve heard pretty good things about The Honest Kitchen. I also loved that they are both dog and cat treats, as I have both (even though we all know Bruce Wayne is the Captain of this ship) and having one treat for all is easier and cheaper. Finally, I always love trying one ingredient treats and Bruce Wayne loves fish treats.  The Wishes treats are dehydrated Iceland haddock filets.

Onto the review.

The Honest Kitchen Wishes Dog and Cat Treats - (retail value $9.79 for 2 oz.) I know that these treats sound expensive, but keep in mind that they are dehydrated treats, therefore, they are much lighter in weight than most treats. You actually do get a lot of product in the box. We got about 6 or 7 strips, each strip being about 7 inches. Be forewarned, they are STINKY! If you are out and about with these, you will want to have some antibacterial hand wash around. Yes, they are stinky, but come on….it’s fish, it is to be expected.

Bruce Wayne absolutely loved these treats! I figured he would, as he loves stinky fish treats, lol. Obviously, they are way too big to give him a strip, so I break it down into small pieces for him. These treats are incredibly easy to break apart.

As you can see from the video below, Bruce Wayne truly wanted more and more. I made him share with the cats, which he did not like, lol. Bruce Wayne is the sweetest, most chill and relaxed Chi-Chi around ….. Unless you mess with his treats. Bruce Wayne is very possessive over his food and treats. I guess you could say it’s his “small dog attitude” coming out.

Don’t worry, no animals were hurt in the making of this video. :-) The kitty cats are declawed so when they swat at Bruce Wayne, it’s more like a love tap. I’ve been swatted by both and have lived to tell about it ;-)

*Disclaimer* sent us The Honest Kitchen Wishes Dog and Cat Treats for free in return for our honest review and opinion. My review is completely based solely on the preferences of Bruce Wayne. Consult your Veterinarian if you have any concerns.