Our Perfect (Hot) Mess and Giveaway!

What is a “perfect mess”? We usually associate the word mess with something that we dislike, right? What if we started embracing our perfect messes instead of avoiding them. That is exactly what STAINMASTER is doing. Encouraging you to embrace your perfect mess. To me, a perfect mess is a moment in time; a perfectly imperfect time. It could be anything from your child romping in a mud puddle only to come running through the house or your dog shaking off after running through the rain. Either way, it’s a mess. But think for a second about those moments afterwards, the innocent faces and the adorable puppy eyes. For that moment in time, we forget about the actual mess and embrace the perfect mess. :-)

I can’t say “mess” without thinking of our kitchen. As some of you know, I make Bruce Wayne’s food. He eats raw and not only is it stinky, but it gets quite messy. Every other week, you can find me in the kitchen slaving over the counter mixing raw beef, stinky green tripe, eggs, mushrooms and veggies.

I would love to say that everything is quite organized and that I have a perfect system, but honestly, I do not. I am constantly changing and rotating foods into Bruce Wayne’s meals, which causes confusion on my part and messy situations. While I admit each week it gets a little better, it still looks like the tazmanian devil came through during our food prep time. This is mainly because, well …. life happens. If I could dedicate 2 hours of solitude to food prep time, it’d be a lot cleaner, but like I said, life happens: the phone will ring, the postman will knock on the door and of course, Bruce Wayne will have to go potty. While all the utensils and bowls are clean, the area itself gets very messy.

While this process is quite messy and time consuming, I wouldn’t change it for the world! To me, this “mess” represents Bruce Wayne’s health. I know that all the stress the mess it causes is for a greater cause and a beautiful example of why my mess is the perfect mess!

It doesn’t help at all that Bruce Wayne often likes to pick his food up and put it on the floor as he eats it. Bruce Wayne eats in the living room. While he has his own food placemat, he is extremely picky and will only eat his breakfast (yes, just breakfast) if I put his food bowl on the carpet. No one likes a living room rug that smells like green tripe. While you might not be able to physically see the mess, you can smell the mess. This is the main reason why I’m constantly cleaning our living room rug, not because of all the guests we have over, but because Bruce Wayne likes to eat off it.

My other insane mess in the house is Bruce Wayne’s props. O.M.G. They are always all over the place, whether it’s clothes that he’s modeling or Batman toys, I can’t turn around without finding a prop laying around. The most stressful part of this mess is that even though everything is out, I can never seem to find the actual prop I’m looking for. I always laugh at how many toys and props he actually has being that he is only 6 pounds. ;-)

Over the year, I’ve gotten a lot better. I’ve started packing all his toys and props into plastic containers so that I can keep better track of everything. Yet, as you can see, there are always props that don’t make it back into the containers.

Even though the house is overrun with props, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can always look at a pile of props and think back to the funny times we had creating a photo.  For instance, I couldn’t stop laughing at the time we took this photo below. Bruce Wayne typically never tries to eat his props or even touch them and he moves at a snail’s pace in everyday life. During this photoshoot, he kept trying to lick the hot dog buns. Lick them, not eat them, lol. So anytime I see this “Dog Buns” shirt laying out, I think back to that funny time we had together.

For a while there, I would constantly be tripping over Bruce Wayne’s tricycle until I finally put it in a bin. Every time I tripped over it, I couldn’t help but think back to his Halloween photoshoot from last year when he was Jigsaw from Saw. He was such a good sport and I couldn’t stop laughing while trying to hold the camera still.

All these messes are incredible bonding memories for Bruce Wayne and myself.

This is the exact message behind the STAINMASTER “My Perfect Mess” campaign. STAINMASTER wants you to share your perfect mess with the world.  Embrace what makes you perfectly imperfect. From now until November 18, 2016 (11:59 pm ET), you have a chance to win free flooring for a room in your house and a $500.00 retail gift card just for showing off what your perfect mess entails!

Sounds too good to be true, huh? Win free flooring and a $500.00 gift card just for showing off your “mess”? This just may be the best contest ever! :-) Entering is super easy. To enter, all you have to do is capture your perfect mess in a photo and post it to social media with the hashtag #MyPerfectMess and tag @STAINMASTER. You can also upload it to the contest tab on the STAINMASTER Facebook Page or on the STAINMASTER website.

We can’t wait to see all your perfect messes and are happy to share ours with you! Good luck to all.

For full contest details, please visit http://bit.ly/MyPerfectMess.

*This blog post was sponsored by STAINMASTER, but the opinions and examples are entirely my own.