June, 2017 - "Chewrassic Bark" BarkBox Box

*The Fine Print* - Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for BarkBox and receives a free box in return for our honest review. Our opinions are based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.

The theme for the June BarkBox is “Chewrassic Bark”. We love the play on words and haven’t had a dinosaur themed box yet, so we were happy to see something different.

 The toys in the June BarkBox are:

  • Hatchin’ Harry - (retail value $10.00) This is a great sized toy for a small dog and is absolutely adorable. The dinosaur does come out of the “shell” making for 2 toys in one. The dinosaur houses a squeaker in the body portion and the shell is lined with the infamous crinkle material that Bruce Wayne loves. The detail on this toy is impeccable. The dinosaur has egg shell on his head, as if he just hatched.
  • Saberchewth Tiger Teeth - (retail value $8.00) This is another adorable, well-designed toy. On the back of the mouth, it is ball shaped to make for a fun game of fetch with your dog and houses in a squeaker inside. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne does not play fetch and the ball is too big for Bruce Wayne’s little Chi-Chi mouth. He may try to chew on the teeth of the toy, but hasn’t done so yet.

The treats in the June BarkBox are:

  • Jurassic Pork - (retail value $8.00 for 3.5 oz.) The flavor we received is pork and sweet potato. They are a semi-soft jerky like treat. The packaging for these treats nails the theme, as it says “Tastes like Dinosaur! (Probably)” lol! While there are no glaring ingredients that I keep Bruce Wayne from, they are a bit heavy on the starches. Since Bruce Wayne isn’t a big fan of pork, I will hold these for a Closet Cleanout Giveaway.

Ingredients: Pork, chicken, sweet potato, brown rice flour, flaxseed, vegetable glycerin, pumpkin, sea salt, vinegar, cultured whey, mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract

  • Dino-Bite Treats - (retail value $6.00 for 5 oz.) The flavor we received is turkey. Again, the packaging is perfect for the dinosaur theme. These are described as a soft and chewy treat. While they are too big if left whole, because of their soft texture, they are easy to break into smaller pieces. Due to the presence of xanthan gum, Bruce Wayne will not get to have these.

Ingredients: Turkey, oatmeal, barley flour, vegetable glycerin, pea starch, potatoes, ground flaxseed, chicken fat (preserved naturally with Mixed Tocopherols), vinegar, Xanthan gum, natural chicken flavor, sage, rosemary.

  • Pork Roll - (retail value $3.00 for 6 inches) This stick resembles your typical bully stick. It is made of pork hide and contains no preservatives, rawhide, filler, etc. Bruce Wayne will certainly love to chew on this. It will keep him busy for hours to come.

Ingredient: Pork hide

Estimated Value of the June BarkBox: $35.00

Overall Opinion: BarkBox nailed the dinosaur theme! It is super cute and all the products fit in perfectly with the theme. As with most BarkBox boxes for us, the toys were the highlight items. They are a good size for small dogs and completely unique.  While Bruce Wayne can’t try one of the treats, I know he will love the pork roll chew. Even though he’s small, he’s a chewer. Overall, it was a great box from BarkBox and we certainly recommend it, especially if you are looking for quality toys!

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the June BarkBox 3 out of 4 grinchy paws.

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