January, 2017 - "Pup in the Air" BarkBox Box

The January theme for BarkBox is “Pup in the Air”. It is a travel theme and is jam packed with everything your pup needs to travel in style. We absolutely love this theme. We are flying to Atlanta this week, so the theme is perfect timing for us.

The toys in the January BarkBox are:

  • Squeakin on A Jet Plane - (retail value $8.00) - This is such a cute toy that is the perfect size for Bruce Wayne. It is only a few inches long and feels extremely durable. Almost too durable. There is a squeaker in the middle of the body of the plane, however, it is really hard to squeak. It takes a bit of a push from me to get it to squeak, so I know that Bruce Wayne will not be able to squeak his. It is light enough for him or any other small dog to be able to drag this toy around.

Below is Bruce Wayne’s “first impression” video. As you can see, lol, he isn’t as interested in the plane toy as I am. This is Bruce Wayne’s reaction to most toys. He certainly prefers the treats but every once in awhile he will play with the toys, this is not one of those days. :-(

  • Suitcase - (retail value $10.00) - While this suitcase is about the same size of Bruce Wayne, it’s pretty accurate in that he does travel with a lot of stuff, lol. This suitcase has a lot of fluff inside and in the middle of the suitcase is a squeaker. Again, because of the size and location of the squeaker, Bruce Wayne has been unable to squeak it. I’m not sure that Bruce Wayne will actually play with this toy, as he’s very particular about his toys, but it will certainly make for a cute traveling prop.

The treats in the January BarkBox are:

  • Look Who’s Happy Chicken, Pea & Quinoa - (retail value $8.00 for 4.0 oz.) We are very familiar with this brand, as we have seen them many times on Instagram. The flavor we received is Chicken with Peas, Quinoa & Kale. While, for me, this sounds boring and yucky, it’s exactly what I like to give Bruce Wayne. I appreciate that they are GMO, Grain and Gluten free. It is also important to me that they are made with cage-free, USA sourced chicken.
  • Snack Rings with Lamb & Cheddar - (retail value $6.00 for 5.5 oz.) The flavor we received is lamb and cheddar. These are described as a soft and chewy treat. While we haven’t opened the bag yet, they are certainly soft enough that I was able to break a ring in half through the bag. Unfortunately, the treats more ingredients than what I like to give Bruce Wayne, so we will hold this for a Closet Cleanout giveaway.
  • Woof Stix - (retail value $7.00 for 7 oz.) The flavor we received is duck. This is a great size chew for dogs that eat bully sticks. This particular sticks ingredients include rawhide, food coloring and salt. I do not like to give Bruce Wayne rawhide and since he’s had throat issues in the past, I tend to keep him away from these types of chews that could damage his throat or cause any issues.


Estimated Value of the January BarkBox: $39.00

Overall Opinion: BarkBox never fails with their creative and quality of their own toys. I say it all the time, but BarkBox is on another level of subscription boxes since they have all their toys custom made. Both toys were a great size for Bruce Wayne and are extremely durable for a small dog. I loved the theme, mainly since we are traveling this month and was happy with the Look Who’s Happy bag of treats. I’m sure this box of treats would be a hit in other dog houses that aren’t as picky as I tend to be sometimes. Overall, it is another solid box from BarkBox.

B-DUBS VERDICT: Bruce Wayne gives the January BarkBox 3 out of 4 grinchy paws.

Deals/Coupon Codes: If you'd like to try a BarkBox subscription, use code BRUCE for free shipping ($5.00 to Canada) and a free $10 credit to the BarkShop. (BarkBox can be ordered from www.barkbox.com/brucewayne or simply click the photo of the box in this post.) If there's a particular toy or treat you'd like to order from www.barkshop.com, you can use code BRUCE on any order of $10 or more for a free chew added to your order.  Happy shopping!

*The Fine Print* - BarkBox sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for BarkBox and receives a free box, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.