September, 2016 - "Bark to School" Box

The theme for the September BarkBox is “Bark to School”. In typical BarkBox fashion, they nailed the theme perfectly! :-)

The toys in the September BarkBox are:

  • Dog Ate My Homework - (retail value $8.00) How stinking cute is this toy?! It resembles wide-ruled school paper perfectly! It contains squeakers and crinkle paper on each sheet. The sheets are thin enough that Bruce Wayne can get his Chi-Chi mouth around these toys. Not only did BarkBox give us paper, but it is two pieces in one. The detail on this toy is amazing. The first sheet has essay topics (dog related), while the second sheet has the infamous check if you like me boxes we all remember from grade school days, lol.
  • Be Good Brown Lunch Bag - (retail value $12.00) This bag is ridiculously adorable! I love the note at the bottom of the bag and the bag is crinkle material, which Bruce Wayne loves. I thought it was just the bag at first which still would have been a cute toy, but when you open it you get 2 more toys! You get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cookie. The perfect lunch food items! These toys are a great size for Bruce Wayne and each contain a squeaker.

The treats in the September BarkBox are:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Treats - (retail value $4.99 for 5.5 oz.) I think we are all pretty familiar with the heart tugging Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. I had no clue they made dog treats now too. These are semi-soft chew sticks measuring a few inches long each. I do like that chicken is the first ingredient, but since Bruce Wayne has to watch his crude fat intake these days (this package is 15%), we will hold onto these treats for a Closet Cleanout giveaway, as I’m sure a dog would love these. Bruce Wayne kept smelling the bag, lol.
  • Yeti Dog Treats Crunchy Puffs - (retail value $6.00 for 3 puffs) These treats have only 3 ingredients: yak milk, cow milk and lime juice, which is great! The bad part? Ours were hard as a rock! They are quite large, so there was no way I’d be able to give to Bruce Wayne one in it's whole form. I tried cutting it into smaller pieces. I’m not very strong so that is part of the problem, however, it took a lot of strength and time to break a piece of this treat off. Also, once I did, it went everywhere. I did manage to salvage a piece for Bruce Wayne to try. You can see his reaction to the treat below and determine if you think he liked it or not.
  • Ham & Cheese Sammies - (retail value $8.00 for 5.5 oz) These are the perfect sized treats for Bruce Wayne or a great training treat for big dogs. They are semi-soft and grain free. I wish I could give these to Bruce Wayne since they are the perfect size, however, since they contain a ton of flour and other ingredients I’m not too fond of giving to Bruce Wayne, I’ll pass these onto his crazy Uncle Patches or a friend that would like to try them.

Estimated Value of September’s BarkBox: $38.99

Overall Opinion: BarkBox absolutely nailed it with their toys! It’s almost unfair to compare their toys to other companies since they have their toys custom made for their boxes. Besides being adorable, their toys are always well thought out, as they always include a squeaker and usually crinkle material, which Bruce Wayne loves. I think the brown paper lunch bag might be one of my all-time favorite toys we have received. It’s such a throwback to when I was in grade school, most of us can all relate to those dreaded lunch bags, lol. That being said, I wasn’t too kean on the treats we got this month, but that’s also because I’m super picky about what Bruce Wayne eats (he has some health issues that stop him from eating everything he would like to eat). I did like the full-sizes of treats that we did receive and if your dog can eat these then that’s treat jackpot heaven for them. :-) Overall, it was another great box from BarkBox and highly recommended!

B-DUBS Verdict: Bruce Wayne gives the September BarkBox 3 out of 4 grinchy paws.

Deals/Coupon Codes: If you'd like to try a BarkBox subscription, use code BRUCE for free shipping and a free $10 credit to the BarkShop. (BarkBox can be ordered from or simply click on any of the photos in this post.) If there's a particular toy or treat you'd like to order from, you can use code BRUCE on any order of $10 or more for a free steer stick added to your order.  Happy shopping!

*The Fine Print* - BarkBox sends toys and treats based on your dog's size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for BarkBox and receives a free box, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.