May, 2016 "Country Fair" BarkBox



The May’s BarkBox theme is “Country Fair”, which given the time of year is absolutely perfect!

The toys in the May BarkBox are:

Bark & Co. Makin Loopie Pie - (retail value $12.00) I love this “loopie pie”. It is so adorable and goes with the this month’s theme perfectly! The downside is that as a whole pie, it is way too big for Bruce Wayne to get his jaw around. He has no interest in playing with it as is. However, within the “pie” are three “berries” that come out and your dog can play with those. (Good thing I looked at the flyer that came with the box or I would have never known about this cool feature.

Bark & Co. Slobbery Sunflowers - (retail value $12.00) These sunflowers are perfect for Bruce Wayne! They come bundled together, but can be easily separated (don’t forget to remove the plastic ties though). Each sunflower has a squeaker and crinkly paper in them for more fun. The small flowers that we received measure 6 inches in length. I cannot stress how perfect the size of these flowers are for Bruce Wayne. The other flower bouquet we have from the Bark Shop is too big, so they definitely nailed this toy for small pups! (Scroll down to the end for a “first impressions” video of Bruce Wayne with these flowers.)

The treats in the May BarkBox are:

Look Who’s Happy Tempt’n Tenders - (retail value $5.99 for 5 oz.) I’ve been seeing a lot of this brand on various Instagram posts, which I love getting brands we are familiar with or have at least seen often. I must admit, I was a little disappointed when we didn’t get the bag with the Chihuahua on it, LOL! ;-) I’m still on the fence about giving these treats to Bruce Wayne. I have a ton of friends that feed them to their dogs and are happy with the product. My concern is that I am certainly more of a single-ingredient or 3 or less ingredient treat kind of mom. If I decide to give these to Bruce Wayne, they will certainly be his “special treats”.

Little Piggies Dog Treats - (retail value $6.00 for 7 oz.) We received the Applewood Smoked Bacon flavor, which I’m sure will drive most dogs wild! I love that BarkBox always sends grain free treats and these are also all-natural. Like most of the treats we tend to receive, these will go to Bruce Wayne’s “Uncle Patches” since he can eat treats with many ingredients. I do love the look of these treats, as they are shaped like little piggies (hence the name, lol) and they seem to be a crunchy texture which is nice if you have small dogs, they should break pretty easily.

Happy Howie’s Beef Jerky Treats - (retail value $4.00 for 2 sticks totaling 1.4 oz.) These beef jerky treats are pretty thick, so you get a good value in these packs despite only having two sticks included. They are a soft, flexible texture, as you would expect of a beef jerky. They are wheat, corn and soy free, however, because it is 10 ingredients for a beef jerky (including garlic and salt), this will be another treat for “Uncle Patches”. I’m not opposed to beef jerky for Bruce Wayne, but I like it when there are less ingredients.

Estimated May BarkBox Value: $39.99

Overall Opinion: I loved the theme of this box! The theme and toys put it over the top for me. Even though Bruce Wayne won’t be getting many or possibly any of the treats, I’m used to that. I do realize that I am in the minority when it comes to treats for Bruce Wayne. I focus a lot more on the toys, as that’s where I count on subscription boxes. I like to get toys that we haven’t seen before or toys that we don’t have access too in our local shops and BarkBox nailed this month’s box. I cannot stress how happy I am with the sunflowers. They are the perfect size for Bruce Wayne and that is often hard to find in generalized subscription boxes.

B-DUBS Verdict: Bruce Wayne gives the May BarkBox 2 out of 4 grinchy paws! (He loved the sunflower toy, but probably would have loved to have the treats if it wasn’t for his stingy Little Lady!)

Deals/Coupon Codes: If you'd like to try a BarkBox subscription, use code BRUCE for free shipping and a free $10 credit to the BarkShop. (BarkBox can be ordered from or simply click on any of the photos in this post)  If there's a particular toy or treat you'd like to order from, you can use code BRUCE on any order of $10 or more for a free steer stick added to your order.  Happy shopping!

*The Fine Print* - BarkBox sends toys and treats based on your dogs size at the time you sign up for a subscription or single box and even if you have the same size dog as me, you may have received different products (same theme though) than Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne is an affiliate for BarkBox and receives a free box, however, these are solely my honest opinions of this month's box based on Bruce Wayne's size and preference.

"First Impression" Video - This video is Bruce Wayne's impression of the sunflower toy. It seems, he maybe mistook it for a lollipop? LOL. Since the filming of this video, Bruce Wayne continues to both play and lick the flowers :-)